'Law & Order: SVU' Team Unites for Special Moment With Rollins' Baby

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit found another way to bring tears to fans' eyes with a special [...]

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit found another way to bring tears to fans' eyes with a special moment centering on Detective Amanda Rollins' newborn baby. While investigating the disappearance of a teenage runaway, the SVU team got together for the baby's baptism. Rollins welcomed her second child in an episode last season.

In "The Burden of Our Choices," the investigation of the missing teenager made Rollins (Kelli Giddish) think about her responsibilities as a mother of two children.

During the episode, Fin (Ice-T), Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Carisi (Peter Scanavino) got together at a church in New York City for the baptism of Rollins' second daughter, Billie.

The baptism scene at the beginning revealed that Benson and Carisi are Rollins' daughter's godparents.

Rollins was pregnant throughout SVU's 20th season. At first, the baby's father was a mystery, but he was later revealed to be Dr. Al Pollack (George Newbern), a man Rollins had a brief affair with over the previous summer. Rollins thought about getting an abortion and was shocked when Pollack said he was fine with whatever she decided. That response made her believe she had to have the baby.

In "A Story of More Woe," Pollack asked Rollins to marry him after the baby was born. She refused, convinced Pollack did not really love her.

Billie is Rollins' second daughter. She is also the mother of Jessie Rollins, whose father, Lt. Declan Murphy (Donal Logue), has not appeared on the show since 2015.

The in-show pregnancy was timed with Giddish's real second pregnancy. She and husband Lawrence Faulborn welcomed their second child in November 2018.

So far, Law & Order: SVU's historic 21st season has been heavy on personal stories. For example, last week's episode may have centered on a case inspired by Empire actor Jussie Smollett, but all fans were talking about after it was over was Olivia taking son Noah (Ryan Buggle) to his first dance class.

SVU is now in its 21st season, setting the all-time record for a primetime scripted network drama. It broke a 20-season tie with the original Law & Order and Gunsmoke.

"I think that there is an innate need for justice, to right wrongs, almost to the point of a character flaw," Hargitay told CBS News recently about Benson's enduring fight for justice. "It became very apparent to me early on, we needed a compassionate, empathetic figure that would fight for women, fight for survivors, and treat people with the respect they deserved."

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