'Law & Order: SVU' Season Finale Kills off Peter Stone's Sister

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's season 19 finale ended with the unexpected death of Peter Stone's sister, Pamela Stone (Amy Korb).

She was kidnapped and held hostage my the Mexican cartel due to Stone (Philip Winchester) wishing to pursue a controversial case involving the syndicate.

However, a firefight ensues as Stone and a SWAT tries to rescue her. She is gunned down by the cartel member and the authorities kill her captor. Stone rushes to her side, but it is too late.

The case in question centers around a young woman named Lourdes Vega (Genesis Rodriguez) holding a man named Miguel Lopez (Carlos Miranda) hostage in a penthouse. She tied him to a chair and held him at gunpoint because she believed him to be the man who human trafficked and raped her.

"I'm gonna be your executioner," she says.

He denies all knowledge of the incident and pleads for his life.

A hidden camera begins livestreaming the situation and it catches the SVU's attention. They use all tool at their disposal to locate the location of the hostage situation, which also results in the death of Miguel's associate.

Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) eventually finds the woman and after hours of convincing she lets him go.

A tricky legal case ensues due to it being unclear if Miguel had actually committed the crimes Lourdes claims and the murder victim being a member of the cartel.

As he tries the case against Lourdes, Stone is approached by a Mexican cartel member who orders him to drop the case. They want the legal system to stop prying into cartel business and allow them to kill Lourdes.

Stone refuses and a threat is issued against his sister. A well-armed security team is dispatched to guard Pamela.

Olivia later sends SVU team members to check on Pamela, but they discover that cartel members have taken her hostage and killed several members of the security team.

This leads up to the aforementioned encounter that resulted in Pamela's death.

The final moments of the episode show Stone grieving in his office as Olivia comes to comfort him.


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Photo Credit: NBC