'Law & Order: SVU' Fans Praise Snoop Dogg's Cameo Role

Rapper Snoop Dogg appeared in this week's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode, surprising fans with his acting skills alongside Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T.

In the episode "Diss," Snoop played P.T. Banks, a rival rapper to Orlando Jones' Justin "Snake Eye" Anderson. P.T. briefly became a suspect in the assault of Snake's wife, pop singer Dallas Monroe (Amber Stevens West) after the SVU team discovered that Snake and P.T. had an online diss-war going on.

In one tense moment, the team stopped a potential drive-by shooting between Snake and P.T. The team had to detain both of them as they yelled at each other across the street. At one point, P.T. yelled that Snake's wife deserved what happened.

However, the team later cleared P.T. of any wrongdoing, since his alibi checked out.

Fans at home were surprised by Snoop's acting abilities. It was the first time he appeared on a Law & Order episode.

Snoop does have a surprising number of acting credits to his name. He appeared in Training Day opposite Denzel Washington and had a role in the late John Singleton's Baby Boy. This year, he was seen in The Beach Bum with Matthew McConaughey.

Snoop's appearance on SVU was confirmed by Ice-T, who shared a photo with the rapper. Hargitay, who stars as Lt. Olivia Benson, also shared a fun photo of the two working together On Instagram.

"Yup. That happened," she wrote, adding the hashtags "Who Let The Dogg In" and "That's a Rap."

SVU has a long history with musicians appearing on the show. Most famously, Ludacris appeared in two episodes as Darius Parker, a stepson of Fin's, in two episodes. Hilary Duff also appeared in a Casey Anthony-inspired episode and Harry Connick Jr. had a multi-episode arc as an Executive Assistant District Attorney.

Back in March, SVU was renewed for a historic 21st season, breaking the record for most seasons for a primetime drama on a major broadcast network.

“This incredible run is an example of what happens when producers, writers and actors all come together and create a show that, year after year, speaks to its audience in a powerful way," NBC Co-Chairmen Paul Telegdy and George Cheeks said in a statement. "We couldn’t be more proud of this remarkable achievement."


SVU airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo credit: NBC