'Law & Order: SVU': Detective Rollins Makes Major Pregnancy Decision

During this week's episode of Law & Order: SVU, "Accredo," Detective Amanda Rollins made a major decision based on her pregnancy. She agreed to go behind the desk and will be sidelined during the rest of her pregnancy.

For most of the case this week, Rollins was clearly on-edge, pushing herself as far as possible despite her pregnancy. She wanted to prove to Benson she could do everything. Unfortunately, she only proved that she does need to take a breather and realized by the end that a new position might be better for her.

While Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) was pushing herself to get more nimble, a group of women held an Accredo meeting, where they discussed how membership in the group inspired them to feel empowered. One of the women was murdered after she got home.

The team could not find a single piece of evidence identifying the women. She was mutilated, and seeing made Rollins feel queasy. They found out that the apartment belonged to a couple, but they were not the victim's parents. Their daughter, Abby, is making a Handmaid's Tale-like movie in Pennsylvania, where they caught up with her. Abby identified the victim as Vicki, who moved in after she broke up with her boyfriend. Abby also confirmed that Vicki joined a female empowerment group.

During their research, Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Carisi (Peter Scanavino) discover Accredo and go to one of their meetings. They meet the charismatic leader Arlo Beck (Sebastian Roche), who instantly recognized that Rollins is a little conflicted about her pregnancy. While interviewing Beck, he tries to frame Vicki's boyfriend Brad (Lance Daniels).

Fin (Ice-T) and Carisi interviewed Brad, who requests a lawyer. Brad's Facebook page is enough to get a warrant to his apartment. Once there, the two find bloody clothes and a knife, a possible murder weapon. But once they get back to the station, they discovered that Beck's alibi almost checks out.

However, the bar's surveillance footage was timestamped after Vicki was murdered. It showed Brad fooling around with a woman Carisi and Rollins saw at the Accredo meeting earlier. They also noticed that the woman was Gina, who had a mark under her arm, at the same spot where Vicki had a piece of her flesh missing.

The woman in the video insisted she did not know that Brad was connected to Vicki. Beck and his second-in-command, Lilah Finch (Sarah Carter) tried to convince Benson and Rollins there was nothing suspicious about their cult by agreeing them to look around their estate. Instead of convincing them, all Beck and Finch did was make them more suspicious.

Later, Carisi and Fin met Beck's ex-wife, Marina (Tara Westwood), who no longer has anything to do with Accredo. She left after discovering that Beck was sleeping with Finch to help her get over her jealousy.

Their investigation uncovers more bizarre things about Accredo and Gina told them Vicki needed to be killed because she was planning on exposing Beck and Accredo.

The tech team got information from the Fitbit tracker Finch wore. It revealed that she was in the vicinity of Vicki's apartment, and even had a high heart-rate around the time of the murder.

In the end, Finch was put behind bars and they had enough evidence to get Arlo arrested. He almost fled, but they arrested him at the airport.

After all this, Rollins dropped the news that she will file paperwork with the higher-ups in the NYPD and will take a position behind the desk during her pregnancy. She also confirmed that Dr. Al Pollack is the father of the baby.

"I'm really happy for you Amanda, if I haven't said that before," Benson said.

"I know," Rollins said as the episode ended.


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Photo credit: NBC