'Law & Order' Crossover Event Could've Set up Kelli Giddish's 'SVU' Exit

The Law & Order universe kicked off a new season for a three-hour event on Thursday, ushering all three series in on the same night with one crossover tale. And while fans had to wait until nearly the end of the episode, the crossover may have put Kelli Giddish's exit from SVU in motion.

According to TV Insider, Giddish's Amanda Rollins was thrust into the spotlight of the storyline. Keeping spoilers to a minimum, so be sure to catch all three premieres if you're dying to know the intricate plot details.

The explosive event puts Rollins in the line of fire, literally, near the end of the third hour. While leaving a safe house with a key witness connected to a case that brings Russia's president into the mix, Rollins, the witness and another detective are attacked.

Three men open fire on the trio, with the witness running off. Rollins attempts to follow but ends up shot. Before a final bullet can be fired into Rollins, the other detective comes through with the save.

But still, Rollins has been shot and now the concern from her peers becomes the focal point as she is rushed to the hospital. Benson arrives first, asking if Rollins was still alive while the fellow detective shares the troubling details. "There was a lot of blood. I tried to stop the bleeding. She was alive when she left," the detective said.

Rollins' romantic former partner and current ADA Sonny Carisi, played by Peter Scanavino, arrives next and lets his emotions take over a bit. Benson shares what she knows, but adds huge praise for Rollins. "Amanda is a very strong woman, and if anyone can survive a gunshot wound, we both know she can," she tells him as he leaves for the hospital.

The injured detective turns out to be fine but required surgery after she arrived at the hospital. While Carisi arrives and sits with her by her bedside, Rollins is shown alive and recovering.


None of this is a guaranteed path that Giddish will follow on her way out of the franchise, but it is guaranteed to be her final season. Her relationship, the dangers of the job, and the expanding nature of the shows are all signs that Rollins might need a career change. It should be an interesting season. Law & Order holds NBC's schedule on Thursdays and begins at 8 p.m. ET, with SVU and Organized Crime following at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. respectively.