Lauren Graham Addresses Possible 'Gilmore Girls' Return After Netflix Revival

Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has addressed the possibility that the show could return, after the previous Netflix revival. Speaking to Extra, the actress said, "It's such an important piece of my life, of my work, of my friendships. It just means so much to me that I don't know if it's better to keep it going or leave it where it is because people are still rewatching the original."

She continued, There's even gonna be another generation of people who have expectations... It means so much to me that people continue to be so devoted and kind about it and to find joy in that... I feel so thankful, so I don't know what its future is." Gilmore Girls ran for six seasons on The WB, and then moved to The CW for its seventh season, eventually ending on May 15, 2007. Netflix launched a limited revival series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, in 2016. Ever since, fans have been hoping for another series or a new season of the revival.

In the past, Graham has addressed the prospect of another Gilmore Girls series, and do so during a SiriusXM interview in March 2021. "I put that window into all my new jobs just in case," she said at the time. "And it's not – I don't want to start any new rumors – it's not for any concrete reason. I have a loyalty and an openness to working with [Amy], first of all." She continued, per Us Weekly. "And because we could never have predicted [a revival] in the past, so that door is open. Is it creatively warranted? Is it, you know, something? I don't know. I don't know. But yes, technically yes."

Another Gilmore Girls star who has previously commented on the possibility of a reunion is Keiko Agena, who played Rory Gilmore's (Alexis Bledel) best friend Lane Kim. Back in 2018, Agena told Entertainment Tonight that she thinks "especially with Rory's storyline" there "is story left" to tell and plenty of room to continue the Gilmore Girls saga. "So, I mean, I would love to work on another installment of Gilmore Girls," she added. The "storyline" that Agena is referring to is the revelation in the final episode of the revival that Rory is pregnant.


While she was certainly on board for a new installment of the series, Agena explained that, at the time, she had not heard any official word from anyone that it's on the horizon. "I would understand if that's part of the challenge of ever doing another Gilmore Girls revival," Agena explained. "But until then, people should definitely check out all of Handmaid's Tale [which Bledel previously starred in] and [the Palladinos' Amazon series] Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and everything that Melissa McCarthy does, which is absolutely hilarious."