Tim Allen Shares Message for Fans After 'Last Man Standing' Season 7 Premiere

After months of anticipation, Last Man Standing finally premiered its seventh season on Friday night and its lead star Tim Allen took to social media to thank fans for their support.

Allen, 65, posted to Twitter just minutes after the east coast broadcast to tell fans how much he appreciated them watching the season premiere on Fox.

"Thanks from all of us for your eyes on our reboot," Allen wrote. "Next week is even better."

Last Man Standing, which was canceled by ABC in 2017, kicked off its season 7 premiere on Fox with a plethora of pop culture and political references that struck a chord with its devoted fanbase, many of whom were excited for its return.

As one of the few shows on television to feature a politically conservative lead as its protagonist, Last Man Standing follows Mike Baxter (Allen) as he navigates life while surrounded by the four leading women in life — wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis), and their three daughters, Kristin (Amanda Fuller), Mandy (Molly McCook) and Eve (Kaitlyn Dever).

In its premiere on Friday, the series tackled the ABC cancellation in a tongue-in-cheek way, along with the controversial recasting of its character, Mandy — previously played by actress, Molly Ephraim.

While many have been drawing comparisons to Last Man Standing to Roseanne for its lead character being openly conservative and catering to Republican supporters, Allen told Fox News that there are clear differences between his character's political views and Allen's real-life persona.

Though Allen admits to sharing many traits with Baxter, he is unlike the character he portrays on television in a number of ways that audiences might not realize.

"When you get into this world — these two guys are not the same guy. You know, Mike Baxter is much more tolerant of other ideas than me on stage. Me, personally — Tim Allen is nobody's business, and really, who cares what I think," Allen said.

He added that his comedy has been the same for the past three decades and is all about the political divide between both men and women.

"I've been doing that — and that's all it's about. And underneath all of that is that you just don't get the other side, but you love the other side."

The 65-year-old beloved actor and comedian admits he "can't help" but have an invested interest in the current political climate today, as it makes for great comedy.

"I'm an anarchist, basically," he said. "That's what stand-up comedy has done to me. I'm alone on the stage by myself, I don't owe anybody anything."

Even though Last Man Standing has a right-leaning lead, the former Home Improvement star adds that the primary goal of the new revival is to give families across the U.S. and world enjoyable content, while pushing the envelope for some memorable moments.

And in what might be a shocker for its conservative audience when it comes to its sharp, witted comedy poking fun at the blue side of America, the show is led by a long list of liberal writers.

"When it comes down to it — we legitimately have more liberal writers than we have conservative writers," Allen revealed. "They write funny stuff, and everybody has learned a little bit about how to tweak it and give people a little zest here and there — but it's all about the theater."


Last Man Standing airs every Friday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Photo credit: Richard Foreman / FOX