'Last Man Standing': Tim Allen and the Cast Laugh It up in Season 8 Blooper Reel (Exclusive)

Last Man Standing Season 8 is almost over, but Tim Allen and the rest of the cast still have more treats in store for fans. Fox released a blooper reel for the current season, with Allen, Nancy Travis, Jay Leno and other members of the team breaking down in front of a live audience. Even after decades of performing, mistakes can still be made on the set.

The three-minute reel will bring a smile to anyone's face, as it is more than just cast members flubbing a line. In one scene, Allen struggles with a lock, and another is interrupted when his cell phone goes off. In another shot, Leno's Apple iWatch sets off a notification just as he is starting to deliver his lines. Even during the second take, the notifications still go off as Leno tries to shut it down. In another set of takes, Travis struggles to film Vanessa Baxter's campaign video.

There are only two more episodes of Last Man Standing Season 8 left to go. In Thursday night's episode, "Extrasensory Deception," Kyle (Christoph Sanders) and Mandy (Molly McCook) tell Mike (Allen) and Vanessa (Travis) a secret they swore not to tell the other. Ryan (Jordan Masterson) asks Mike to join his podcast, while Vanessa and the Baxter girls come up with a plan to pay back a ride waiter. The episode starts at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

The season finale, "How You Like Them Pancakes?" airs on Thursday, April 30 at 8 p.m. ET. The episode features the special return of Eve (guest star Kaitlyn Dever), who comes back home for a weekend to visit her parents. Vanessa tries to recreate a childhood tradition with all of her daughters, but without Mike. Jen (Krista Marie Yu) hopes to get Ed (Hector Elizondo) and Chuck (Jonathan Adams) to help her find out who is stealing her work lunches. Lastly, Kristin's (Amanda Fuller) "big day" finally arrives.

Last Man Standing was among the shows impacted by the coronavirus pandemic shutdown in Hollywood, as production was put on hold just days before the show was set to film what was intended to be its season finale. The episodes that were finished have continued to highlight the strength of Last Man Standing's family though. In a recent interview with PopCulture.com, Amanda Fuller said the cast has become so comfortable together that it feels like "no time has passed" when they get back to work after a break.


"It's so strange how it just picks up right where it left off," Fuller explained. "When there's scenes with all of us together and we get to work our whole week together and not be in different storylines and just be passing each other's paths, but actually physically there and with something that's so light and fun, yeah, that's the best. They're the best of times, for sure."