'Last Man Standing': Kyle and Mandy Joke About Life After Death in Exclusive Preview Clip

The final season of Tim Allen's Last Man Standing has come to a subject not many in the Baxter [...]

The final season of Tim Allen's Last Man Standing has come to a subject not many in the Baxter family want to talk about in this week's episode, "Butterfly Effect." In an exclusive preview clip shared with PopCulture, Mike and Vanessa try to keep Mandy and Kyle focused on estate planning, but they instead joke about their lives after death. The new episode airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

At the start of the scene, Mike (Allen) and Vanessa (Nancy Travis) pitch the importance of estate planning to the younger couple, noting how important it is for them to have things ready for their daughter Sarah in case anything tragic happens. Kyle (Christoph Sanders) understandably does not want to think about him or Mandy (Molly McCook) dying. "They call it estate planning, but what you're really doing is planning for when you die!" Vanessa explained. "There's no version of this where you come out alive!" Mike joked with the paperwork in his hands.

Mandy tried to ease Kyle's concerns by reminding him that they would meet in heaven if anything happened to her. This caused him to go off-topic by reminding her to wear a special red dress so he will recognize her. Mike tried to get them back on track, but Vanessa noted her daughter should wear the sparkly red dress Kyle likes.

Mike suggested this would be easier if they talked about Kyle dying instead of Mandy, but then Kyle began to wonder how he might die. "All signs point to strangulation in a comfortable chair," Mike said. Mike and Vanessa tried to keep them on topic, reminding them it was important to find someone they feel comfortable with naming as Sarah's guardian. They left the Baxter home to go over things themselves. Elsewhere in this week's show, Jen (Krista Marie Yu) starts working at Outdoor Man.

This week's episode brings Mandy and Kyle back to the forefront after last week's "The Two Nieces of Eve." In that episode, Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) returned to get to know her new nieces better. Eve struggled with this as Sarah and Kristin's daughter Evelyn were both not interested in the same boyish things Eve likes. But eventually, Eve learned to embrace the adorable nature of her nieces, which made it difficult for her to leave. This was Eve's first appearance on the show since the season premiere, and she is expected to be back for the series finale.