'Last Man Standing’ Star Jet Jurgensmeyer Teases ‘Bigger and Better’ Season 7

If Jet Jurgensmeyer had to describe Last Man Standing season seven in just a few words, he’d say [...]

If Jet Jurgensmeyer had to describe Last Man Standing season seven in just a few words, he'd say it's "bigger and better."

The Tim Allen-starring family sitcom premiered its seventh season on Fox Friday night, and the move to a different network wasn't the only change. Kristin Baxter and Ryan Vogelson's son Boyd is now 12 years old and portrayed by Nashville-born actor and musician Jet.

Now a little older, the show is giving Boyd "more mature storylines," according to Jet, who also teased to PopCulture.com that the audience should "definitely be excited for being able to hear more on Boyd" this season.

"I think we can definitely expect whatever a normal, almost teenager will go through," Jet said. "I don't think he's going to be one of those snobby teenagers that you see. He loves his family."

Heading into season seven and coming on the heels of ABC's Roseanne cancellation, talk has swirled on whether or not politics would become a major playing point in the series. While there are currently no plans for Boyd to dip his toes in politics via a run for class president, Jet claimed that at its heart, Last Man Standing is about family.

"People saying that it's a very political show, but really it's all about family. It's not very political," Jet added. "Yes, Tim Allen and Jordan Masterson, they have their characters go back and forth. Their little banters. But that's all comedic stuff. It's really all about family."

If there is one thing that Jet is hoping to see on the Fox sitcom, it would be for his character Boyd take a shot at "playing some instruments and singing on the show," something that Jet himself does.

While Jet is busy juggling his budding acting career, school and the everyday life of a teenager, he also boasts an active music career, recently releasing his single "A Lot More Love." The song, featuring a country flair and sending a positive and uplifting message, showed Jet's fans "a whole new side" of the 13-year-old.

"Every time I play this song, whether it's live or just played it through the recording to people, they've either laughed or cried. I feel like both of them are just as good," he said. "You know, every now and then, music has to make you cry. I feel like this song definitely does that."

Although Jet is currently working on the release of his next single, "Real World," which was co-written by Sabrina Carpenter, he also has his sights set on the future. When it comes to his dream gig, he just really wants to combine all of his talents in a musical.

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. You can listen to Jet's music on his YouTube channel.