How 'Last Man Standing' Addressed Mandy's Recasting

Last Man Standing made the show's biggest recast for its revival into a hilarious joke about [...]

Last Man Standing made the show's biggest recast for its revival into a hilarious joke about marriage during the season 7 premiere.

The episode, titled "Welcome Baxters," featured the introduction of new Mandy (Molly McCook) — taking over the role for the new season from Molly Ephraim — and it took her on-screen husband quite some time to realize it.

"Just so you know, Mandy is kind of mad at me right now," Kyle tells Mike Baxter. "She changed something about herself and I can't figure out what."

"Marriage is kind of like karate, you're new at it like a white belt. Me? I'm a black belt, so welcome to my dojo," Mike responds.

When she comes down the stairs, the new Mandy shares a funny story with her mother, Vanessa.

"Mama, this is really weird but I got lost upstairs," she says, poking fun at the recasting once again.

"Mandy... I like it," Mike said simply after taking a look at her, but then he gestures at Kyle that he doesn't see anything different.

Kristen and Eve, who is visiting from the Air Force Academy, arrive at the house and Eve is shocked when she sees her sister.

"Wow! Mandy.... I love it!" Eve says.

Flattered by the compliments, Mandy blushes and responds: "You guys are so sweet."

Near the end of the episode, as the family agrees to put their political differences aside and communicate more civilly, Kyle screams with excitement.

"I get it! You're tall and blonde!" Kyle says to his wife, who nods and hugs him as he finally noticed the difference.

A day before the premiere, McCook responded to social media backlash on news she would be taking over the role in season seven, after #NotMyMandy was seen trending on Twitter.

"I SEE your new [Not My Mandy] hashtag. You're right... I'm not THAT Mandy. I'm THIS Mandy. I get it. I promise to love and respect your favorite show and YOU," McCook wrote. She added a heart emoji.

She also previously addressed fans in mid-September asking them to keep an open mind on the changes of the new show.

"I know a lot of you have been commenting that you hate that there's a new Mandy. And I totally don't blame you. The industry is a funny place," McCook wrote. "But I'm doing my BEST and making her my own. I know it's not ideal that she ever had to change. But try to keep an open mind."

What do you think of the new Mandy and her possible future pregnancy storyline? Find out how it unfolds when Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.