Kristen Bell Responds to 'The Ranch' Star Dax Shepard Affair Rumors During Golden Globes Appearance

Kristen Bell is not bothered by those infidelity rumors plaguing husband Dax Shepard.

While attending the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday night, The Good Place actress assured Us Weekly that things are better than ever with Shepard, who last month was accused of cheating on Bell two years into their marriage.

"Rumors aren't really anything," the 38-year-old actress, who was nominated for her role in the NBC comedy, said. "We have a happy marriage and if people don't want to believe it, that's their problem."

Last month, Julie Andrews' granddaughter Kayti Edwards claimed that she had an affair with Shepard, 44, two years into his relationship with Bell. The Ranch star quickly denied the claims, shooting down a Daily Mail report, which included photos of Edwards and Shepard kissing.

"Hey Daily Mail, that photo is 13 years old, not 9. Also, Kayti has sold stories to tabloids about Matthew Perry, Jack Osbourne, Kid Rock, and now me. I look forward to her next one. Fingers crossed it's about my #1, Brad Pitt," he wrote on Instagram at the time.

A source told Us Weekly that "Dax denied the allegations publicly because he wanted the world to know that Kristen is his one and only. They're solid. Their marriage is strong."

"She believes Dax," another source said.

Edwards told the Daily Mail that she met Shepard in late 2009 at a Hollywood party, two years after he began dating Bell. She said they went to her friend's house where they "made love" and "had sex twice."

"I didn't know he had a girlfriend at the time, he didn't seem to care," Edwards said.

Days after the rumor surfaced, Bell posted a video to her Instagram Story while lying in bed with Shepard, calling him the "man of my dreams."

"His is truly the man of my dreams," Bell captioned the video, in which she explained he was getting her a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner for Christmas. "The cordless Dyson is lit."

In another post, she shared a photo of the two of them kissing at the Los Angeles County Arboretum moonlight forest light show.

"Warning: the @laarboretum moonlight forest light show is VURY romantic," she captioned the post.

In Shepard's post at the light show, he poked fun at the amount of puffy layers Bell was wearing, but slid in a sweet comment. "That bipedal sleeping bag over my left shoulder is the reason to wake up every morning," he gushed.

(Photo: Instagram / @kristenanniebell)

After the Golden Globes, Bell told Us Weekly that she and Shepard were most excited about "going to bed" after the event. The couple skipped the after-parties and went straight home, documenting the night on their Instagram Stories.


"Don't worry kids, your mom and dad are safe and sound at home eating leftovers and watching @60minutes," Bell captioned a photo of her and Shepard in their pajamas.

Photo credit: Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty