'Killing Eve' Fans Are Shocked by the Bloody Cliffhanger in Season Two Finale

Killing Eve Season 2 ended with a shockingly bloody cliffhanger that left fans stunned. Even the fact the show was already renewed for a third season did not calm the nerves.

Warning: Spoilers Follow for Killing Eve Season 2 Finale!

In the finale, which aired on AMC and BBC America Sunday night, the assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) turned on MI6 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), shooting her in the head and leaving her to die. It reflected the Season 1 finale, which saw Eve stab Villanelle, setting up the dark actions Eve took throughout Season 2.

"As we did more work on [the series], we realized that Season 1 and 2 might be a really good as a pair," executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle told IndieWire about the finale. "Having had in Season 1, Villanelle and Eve getting to know each other, in Season 2, they are now both fully aware of each other and fully in each other's orbit. You can play with that, and they're both deluded about what their relationship stands for."

In the Season 2 finale, Eve killed Raymond (Adrian Scarborough), a member of the group The Twelve, with an ax. Villanelle was happy about that, convinced it is a sign of love between the two characters. However, when Eve learns Villanelle had a gun and Eve did not have to kill Raymond, the romance of the relationship fell apart. Villanelle tried to convince Eve their relationship could still work, but when she realized this was a fruitless effort, she shot Eve.

"When psychopaths fall for people, they fall very, very deeply and passionately, but then that can turn it off like a light switch and move on," Woodward Gentle explained. "We really loved to explore that notion and also what that would feel like to Eve if suddenly that light had gone from her because she's been bathed in this glorious adoration of this extraordinary being."

While the finale appears to have followed through with the promise of the show's title, Killing Eve was renewed for a third season in April. It will also have a new showrunner, with Fear The Walking Dead writer Suzanne Heathcote taking over from creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Season 2 showrunner Emerald Fennell.

"It's been such an exciting year for me on Killing Eve," Fennell said in a statement. "I think it's cool that this tradition has been built into this untraditional show. Inheriting some of Phoebe's characters was a treat – I can't wait to see what Suzanne does next."

Killing Eve has earned critical acclaim, with Oh winning a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series and earning an Emmy nomination. The series was also nominated for the Best Drama Series Golden Globe.

Killing Eve will return next year.


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