Jimmy Kimmel and Bob Newhart Remember Don Rickles

Last night's 20/20 special on ABC was a carefully engineered tear-jerker. The Year in Memoriam 2017 commemorated the influential figures in entertainment that the world lost this year, focusing particular attention on the comedy icon Don Rickles.

In the clip above, Bob Newhart remembers his late friend along with late night host Jimmy Kimmel. The two are able to share laughs even when talking about the loss of such an important friend and mentor. They're not shy when talking about his faults either.

"I never felt on balance with [Rickles,]" Kimmel confessed. "Like, I never knew when he was going to say something sweet, or when he was going to insult me." He spoke of the late comedian's savage wit fondly.

Kimmel and Newhart also discussed Rickles' fixation on being remembered in the public eye.

"That was a big thing for him — being remembered," Kimmel said. "Every time I spoke to him on the phone, he was like 'and, don't forget, mention my name.' You know, on the show."


Then, at the same time, Kimmel and Newhart said, "Keep my name alive."

Rickles was one of the central threads in the special, along with David Cassidy, Tom Petty, Glen Campbell and Mary Tyler Moore.