Chrissy Teigen Reveals the Song John Legend Was 'Nervous' to Sing in 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

During her live-tweeting of Jesus Christ Superstar Live on Sunday night, Chrissy Teigen said her husband, John Legend, was nervous about singing "Gethsemane," one of the show-stopping numbers for Jesus in the show.

"He won't say it but I know he was nervous for that song. So good," Teigen wrote.

"Gethsemane" comes at a pivotal part of the show, after "The Last Supper." In the song, Jesus admits his doubts to God, and begins to question his role as the Messiah. At the end, he prays to God, asking Him to take him "before I change my mind."

Teigen has been live-tweeting the entire show to support her husband. When the show started, she wrote, "HE HAS RISEN aaaaahahahahhahahahahahahahahh."

Before the performance started, Teigen said her husband had a strict diet while preparing for the show.

"John's eating really healthy right now for Jesus Christ Superstar," Teigen told PEOPLE this weekend. "He has a shirtless scene he's pretty excited about, but he's actually starting to fast, like juice fast, starting today."

"[There's] pressure but it's good pressure. It means you don't take any shortcuts," Legend told Hollywood Life before the show. "You don't skimp under preparation. People are gonna expect a lot from this and I'm gonna try to give them the best that I can possibly give them."

The role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar was originated on the stage by Jeff Fenholt, while Ian Gillan performed Jesus on the 1970 concept album. Paul Alexander Nolan played the role in the 2012 Broadway revival.


Those watching at home were also impressed by Legend's performance. Here are a few tweets from viewers.

Photo credit: Paul Lee/NBC