Jessica Chastain Starts Women's March in 'SNL' Opening Segment

Jessica Chastain brought the Women's March celebration to her Saturday Night Live hosting stint.

The Academy Award nominated actress, an outspoken advocate for equality in Hollywood and the #MeToo Movement, opened the live show praising the hundreds of thousands of people who attended marches all over the country.

Since her SNL hosting duties kept her from participating in the march this year, she brought the march onstage.

"I'm especially excited to be here today because this weekened is the one-year anniversary of the Women's March," she said. And everyone knows women never forget an anniversary."

Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong then join Chastain on stage and began a rendition of "You Don't Own Me."

SNL cast member Aidy Bryant then appeared among the audience with p--y hats. "I can't say the real word because it's just one of those many words that only the president can use," she said.

Pete Davidson and Beck Beckett then joined the ladies onstage to express their support for the cause and make some jokes about mansplaining.

"Ladies, we were strong last year and we'll be even stronger this year so... let's do this damn it," Chastain said to the audience.

Twitter showed their love for the opening monologue.

Women's Marches were organized across the country on Saturday, with millions turning out to protest President Donald Trump's policies.

Celebrities took part in several marches, including one at the Sundance Film Festival. The rallies were held on the one-year anniversary of Trump's inauguration. Last year's marches were held the day after the inauguration.


Political scientists estimated that between 3.3 million and 4.6 million marchers took part in the 2017 protests.

Chastain hosted Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live with Troye Sivan as the night's musical guest.