'Jeopardy' Contestants Fail Hilariously at Sports Trivia

Jeopardy! contestants are known for their brains, but sometimes the show slips in a category or two that trips up even the most knowledgeable contestants.

In the case of Monday night's episode, that category was sports-related, with the contestants fumbling to answer the football-related questions.

The category was "NFL Teams by Hall of Famer" and it was the last one left on the board, which usually indicates that it's one the contestants are rather wary about. The clue for each question was the name of an NFL Hall of Fame member, and the contestants were asked to provide the name of that player's team.

Host Alex Trebek seemed to watch in disbelief as none of the contestants buzzed in for Michael Irvin (Dallas Cowboys) or "Mean Joe" Greene (Pittsburgh Steelers). Contestant Anupama attempted a guess for Marcus Allen (Los Angeles Raiders), although her answer — "What is Colorado Rockies?" — wasn't even in the same sport. Luckily for the contestants, they ran out of time before getting to the final two clues.


See the group's collective struggle in the clip above.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @SInow