Jennifer Aniston Just Teased a 'Friends' Reboot and Fans Are Freaking Out

Jennifer Aniston gave Friends fans fresh hope of a reboot on Wednesday, saying that "anything could happen."

The TV reboot and revival craze is not going anywhere, and Friends remains the white whale of the genre. Fans have been dying for a new visit to Central Perk for years, and in a teaser for Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Aniston admitted that it is still a possibility.

In the clip, it was DeGeneres who asked about the idea. A Friends revival has been teased many times before as Aniston pointed out, and she admitted that she is still open to the concept.

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Tomorrow, one of my best friends tells me about a reunion with some of her best Friends.

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"Alright, let's talk about — number one, do a Friends reunion, okay?" DeGeneres said.

"Okay," Aniston said simply. "Why not? You know what, because, listen, I told you this. I would do it."

Aniston added that she believes all five of her co-stars from the iconic sitcom would go back as well.

"The girls would do it. And the boys would do it, I'm sure," she said. "Listen. Anything could happen."

Obviously there are no official plans in place for a Friends reunion, at least not publicly, but Aniston's answer did give fans hope. Before long, many were on Twitter thanking her for the sentiment, even if she was stringing them along.

"Why cant they do a reboot for #friends already?" one person tweeted. "[Jennifer Aniston] thank you for giving us up."

Aniston, 50 and all of her co-stars have been asked about a Friends reunion for years. The answers are always kind but vague, as it would be a massive undertaking to get the beloved show up and running again. There are many factors to consider, including the massive stardom of the cast and the value of the intellectual property.

To be fair, Aniston's stance has never really changed on the idea. Last year, DeGeneres asked her the same question and she gave a similar answer.

"Anything is a possibility, Ellen," she said. "Anything. I mean, George Clooney got married."

More than ever, the time may be just right for a Friends revival. Classic sitcoms come back to life are dominating the network TV landscape these days, including Will & Grace, Roseanne — now The Conners — and for one glorious season, Murphy Brown. More are on the way, including a revival of Mad About You which will air exclusively on Charter's Spectrum later this year.


In the meantime, all of Friends remains available on Netflix until the end of this year, at which point it will mostly likely move to a new proprietary streaming service that WarnerMedia plans to launch.