'Jane the Virgin' Teases Trouble Ahead After Heartwarming Engagement Episode

Jane the Virgin gave fans a proper proposal for Rafael and Jane, and an almost shotgun wedding, before teasing an eerie threat coming to ruin the festivities very soon.

The CW dramedy saw the direct aftermath of Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) long-awaited reconciliation and wasted almost no time before the couple took the next step in their relationship and began their road to marriage.

At the beginning of "Chapter Ninety-Four" Jane and Rafael rekindled their relationship and mutually agreed to pick up exactly where they left off before Michael's (Brett Dier) return: With Rafael just hours from proposing.

After a couple of false alarms, Rafael enlisted the rest of Jane's family's help to propose to Jane in the middle of a heartwarming game of Loteria, a board game that holds special significance for the Villanueva women.

The happy news send joy throughout the household, but Jane and Rafael realize their son Mateo (Elias Janssen) was not as excited by the news, and feared his ADHD medication might be dampening his usually joyous personality.

Mateo later tells them he doesn't trust their parents will stay together, however, as their track record shows they tend to break up when things get too serious. To remedy their son's concerns, Rafael and Jane decide to skip planning a big wedding and plan on doing a quick courthouse ceremony.

When they arrive to get their marriage license, the couple takes a peek at the courthouse and decide to hold a small reception at a fancy restaurant — and also get some decorations to make the location pretty for the ceremony.

As Jane and Rafael reunited, Petra (Yael Groblas) seemed happy to see her co-parents and friends finally get back together as she was also preoccupied with getting back the shares for the Marbella hotel from her ex-husband. A scheme with the help of her elusive assistant ends up getting her the victory she desperately wanted.

When a last-minute twist makes it so Jane and Rafael only have one day to get ready for their wedding, Petra intervenes when she realizes how miserable Jane is by having to rush things, especially after Jane says she is only doing it to make up for her confusion after Michael's return earlier in the season.

In the end, Rafael and Jane decide to postpone the wedding and wait to do it right, knowing that nothing will tear them apart this time. To ease their son's concerns, they allow him to hold an adorable ceremony, with his stuffed animals as the witnesses at the end of the episode. The reliable narrator, however, shares some eerie details when he said a peaceful wedding was "not in the cards" for them before the end of the episode.


While fans are still in the dark about what might come to ruin the upcoming wedding festivities, it might have something to do with the frequent appearances of 13 Reasons Why actor Tommy Dorfman as one of Rose/Sin Rostro's (Bridget Regan) henchmen as they work on one final evil plan behind closed doors. The last time viewers saw the evil group, a vengeful Luisa (Yara Martinez) had agreed to join their cause after Rafael snubbed following the reveal he had kept yet another secret from her about her former lover.

Will Jane and Rafael make it to happily ever after? Jane the Virgin airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.