Jane Seymour Reunites With 'Dr. Quinn' Love Interest Joe Lando in New Photo That Has Fans Going off in the Comments

Jane Seymour and Joe Lando were a weekly sight on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman during its original [...]

Jane Seymour and Joe Lando were a weekly sight on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman during its original run on CBS, which was from Jan. 1, 1993, to May 16, 1998. However, fans got quite the treat on Instagram Monday, when the former on-screen lovers reunited for a brand new photo together. Seymour, who shared the photo, even topped it off with a reference to Lando's character, Byron Sully, in the photo's caption.

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Summers with Sully! 😁🔥

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The simple, loving photo sees the pair on a beachside balcony with a small beach with palm trees and clear, blue water in the background. The beloved actress is shown wearing a red floral shirt, and Lando is seen sporting khakis, a maroon T-shirt and a navy jacket. Lando, 57, is now sporting grey fox look, while Seymour, 68, is sticking with her signature red and brunette locks.

The photo has earned more than 19,000 likes and countless adoring comments from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman fans.

"I swear to god! You ALWAYS post a pic of your two when I'm in public and I just scream at my phone!!!!" one fan wrote."

"You and Joe the best duo. You are beautiful," a second admirer wrote. "A nice friendship thanks to Dr. Quinn. Have a great day with Sully, [Jane Seymour]."

Another commenter chimed in, writing, "Beautiful photo Jane, there's nothing like spending time with best friends."

Someone even expressed their hopes for a reboot, saying, "It's definitely time for a reboot. Would love to see Dr. Michaela Quinn and Sully!"

Seymour has stayed busy with on-screen roles in recent years, with her next appearance coming in Season 2 of the Netflix Original Series The Kominsky Method.

Seymour confirmed the casting on her Instagram back on Aug. 17, and revealed that her character, Madelyn, will be sharing scenes with Alan Alda's character, Norman Newlander.

Photo Credit: Charles Bush/CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images