Jane Fonda Fans Erupted After She Surprisingly Hosted 'Ellen'

Jane Fonda fans flipped out when the 82-year-old announced she and her Grace and Frankie co-star, Lily Tomlin, were hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday. Fonda took to Twitter to promote the guest hosting gig. "Lily Tomlin and I are hosting the Ellen DeGeneres Show this Friday. Great guests!" Fonda wrote on Thursday morning.

Fans immediately took to social media to react to the fun news, calling the duo "legends."

"This is the best news ever!!! Friday is going to be awesome! I'm binging Grace and Frankie plus get to watch Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin host Ellen!!!" one excited Twitter user wrote.

During their episode, Fonda and Tomlin poke fun at their respective arrests at Fonda's Fire Drill Friday demonstrations in Washington, D.C., where she leads an activist group protesting inaction against climate change. Fonda was arrested for a fifth time at the Dec. 20 rally, while Tomlin was arrested once at the Dec. 27 rally.

"We've been doing something called Fire Drill Fridays to call attention to the climate crisis," Fonda said on Ellen. "We got arrested for civil disobedience."

Tomlin jokingly added that she "learned a lot in the slammer," with Fonda clarifying Tomlin was jailed for just two hours.

"I want to give a shoutout to my cellmate, Skittles," Tomlin said. "Hey, Skittles! Yo mama."

Speaking more somberly, Fonda told the audience that "nothing's better" than being a part of the climate change movement. "We march, we chant, we make our voices heard," she said after she and Tomlin started a chant in the audience before they were led offstage by two police officers.

The co-stars then promoted the first Fire Drill Friday that will be in Los Angeles, which will take place Friday, Feb. 7 at Los Angeles City Hall.

"We've brought it to California, and we're bringing it all around the country," Fonda said, adding that if interested parties would like to start Fire Drill Friday demonstrations in their own city, they can text "JANE" to 877-877.

"The only thing that will make this work is for American people to be mobilized, to rise up and to make themselves heard. Please join us," Fonda said. "We need you."


Fonda started the Fire Drill Friday demonstrations in October, resulting in nearly weekly arrests of high-profile names in the entertainment industry, including Tomlin, Sally Field, Ted Danson, Diane Lane and Sam Waterston.

Fonda and Tomlin's guest hosting episode of Ellen airs Friday; check your local listings for network and airtime info.