'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia': Dennis Returns During Season 13 Premiere

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia never shies away from bringing back past favorites, but season 13's premiere episode brought back a character most expected to not come back so soon.

Spoilers ahead for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13, episode 1.

The season premiere of the FXX sitcom sees the gang grappling with the absence of Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton), who is said to be in North Dakota. The advertisement campaign for the season has been noticeably absent of Dennis material, making fans assume Howerton was too busy with his NBC sitcom A.P. Bio to contribute full time.

However that entire set up is thrown out the window in the first episode because Dennis returns.

The departure starts out very genuine, with the gang recruiting Cindy (Mindy Kaling) to fill the void left by Dennis' departure. She is organized and truly aims to make the gang better people.

The crew struggles with this new path throughout most the episode. Mac (Rob McElhenney) even orders a custom-made sex doll created in Dennis' likeness to fill the void.

This all comes to breaking point with a moment of debauchery involving the sex doll being played like tuba. Cindy snaps and gives the gang an ultimatum.

"You are better than this. I know you can be better than this. And I can help you, but you need to make a choice, okay?" Cindy says. "You can either leave Dennis behind or you can stay the same, keep doing what you're doing, playing a doll's asshole with your mouth and talking to something that is never going to talk back to you."

A voice from beside the bar chimes in and says, "Or will it?"

The gang is startled, thinking the doll has come to life, but the camera quickly pans over showing the real Dennis standing by the bar.

"Take it easy man, I threw that thing on the floor," Dennis says. "By the way, what is that thing? why do you have it?"

After some awkward explanation, Dennis gets down to business and confronts Cindy.

"I'm back, the real me, let's not make a whole thing of it," he says. "I gather you (Cindy) were meant to replace me? Well, that's not necessary anymore, so you can go now."

Cindy replies, "Excuse me? I think you can go. You dress like it's 1998. Your look is played out, and so are you. You're basic."

Dennis and Cindy then throw the decision to the gang to decide. Of course, they choose Dennis.

"Enjoy your crappy lives and your insane, miserable, failed ideas," Cindy says. "You guys are played out. You're basic."

The gang ridicules her for reusing an insult, and she flees. The group then sits back down at the bar and goes back to their normal lives, celebrating the fact that Dennis is back.

Dennis makes sure to say, "For now, I'm back for now."


It's Always Sunny in a Philadelphia airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FXX.

Photo Credit: FXX / Patrick McElhenney