Is 'Jane the Virgin' Getting a Spinoff?

The CW's Jane the Virgin is quickly heading towards its series finale, which will air this summer. [...]

The CW's Jane the Virgin is quickly heading towards its series finale, which will air this summer. Fortunately for fans, there's potential for the world of Jane to remain on the air, with the CW revealing at its upfront presentation this week that it is eager to pick up a spinoff of the vibrant, multi-layered show.

A Jane spinoff titled Jane the Novela had been passed on by the network, which CW president Mark Pedowitz said during the network's upfronts call was because Jane The Novela did not possess the "same quirkiness and fun" as the original show. "This particular project did not have what Jane had," he said, via Deadline.

Jane the Novela was to be an anthology-style series with each season telling the story of one of Jane's novels, with the titular character to narrate the show. The project was executive produced by Jane the Virgin creator/exec producer Jennie Snyder Urman, series star Gina Rodriguez and executive producer Ben Silverman. Rodriguez also narrated the show.

Despite the pass, Pedowitz shared that he is still looking for a spinoff from Jane.

"We are big fans of Jennie Urman and Gina and we had great appreciation of what they did," he said. "In this particular situation, this spin-off didn't quite get to where we wanted to get to. We have reached out to Jennie and if she wishes we are very interested in pursuing a potential another spinoff for Jennie. It's in her court."

Jane the Virgin is currently airing its fifth and final season, having thrilled both fans and critics since its debut in 2014. The series recently wrapped filming in April, with the cast sharing emotional goodbyes on social media.

"Yesterday is a blur. A blur of tears and hugs and laughter and very strong feelings," Yael Grobglas, who plays Petra, wrote alongside a shot of the cast hugging. "I love these people so incredibly much and although I will still see them plenty, I will miss working with them terribly. This was a unique group that somehow made magic happen. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"

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(Photo: Instagram / @yaelgrobglas)

Rodriguez shared a photo of herself flashing a peace sign while holding a bottle of champagne.

"And that's a wrap on Jane. 100 episodes," she wrote. "Sending so much love to all the Jane Warriors who made our show thrive for all these years! We love you."

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Jane the Virgin airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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