Iconic 'Brady Bunch' House for Sale After Nearly 50 Years

For the first time in 45 years, the house made famous by The Brady Bunch is back on the market.

The split-level house in Los Angeles' Studio City neighborhood, which served as the exterior for the home that Carol and Mike Brady's blended family lived in during The Brady Bunch's TV series' run from 1969 to 1974, has been put on the market for $1.855 million, giving house hunters and fans the chance to step back in time.

The two-bedroom, three-bathroom setup that offers 2,500 feet of living space and is situated on a 12,500-square-foot lot, is a "postcard" of a 1970s home, according to Ernie Carswell, a Douglas Elliman agent who listed the house and spoke to the Los Angeles Times.

Despite renovations and updates, the home still features wood-paneled walls, floral wall paper, and a rock-wall fireplace.

The home, purchased by George and Violet McCallister in 1973 for $61,000 and now being sold by their children, also sports vintage couches and hardware.

The home, which became iconic during its run on the popular 1970s series, is now one of the most photographed homes in the United States, coming in second to the White House, according to a listing on Zillow. Attracting around 30 to 50 people every day, the house now features a low brick wall to keep fans from heading straight to the front door during their visits. The home is so popular that Carswell is preparing for hundreds of offers.

"We're preparing for an avalanche," he said. "Emails, telephone calls — we may see upwards of 500 calls a day."

However, there is some fear that whoever purchases the home may want to tear it down, something that the homeowners are attempting to avoid.


"We're not going to accept the first big offer from a developer who wants to tear it down," Carswell said. "We're going to wait a few days, in case there are others who want to purchase it as an investment to preserve it."

While the home served as the exterior for Brady's house in 117 episodes, interior scenes for the sitcom were shot in a studio.