Ice-T Reveals If 'Law & Order: SVU' Characters Will Wear Face Masks in Season 22

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has officially resumed production amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The NBC series is reportedly taking several precautions to make sure that the cast and crew are safe during this time. On Twitter, Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T opened up about some of these precautions, explaining how the show is filming amid this new normal in the country.

While the cast and crew are wearing masks on the set, Ice-T clarified that viewers would not see the characters donning them in the show. In response to a fan's question on the matter, the actor shared that the characters will not be wearing masks in full scenes as viewers would not be able to see them speak. Although, he did note that fans will sometimes see the characters remove their masks. They will also be implementing social distancing procedures for the first few episodes.

In a subsequent tweet, Ice-T explained what has been going on behind-the-scenes as Law & Order: SVU heads back into production. "It's hard to explain the new way we're working to stay safe," he shared. "The entire crew stays in masks all day. We Covid test every day.We rehearse in masks and ONLY remove em for the short moments we actually film. Then back on.. We wanna stay safe AND keep filming." As for whether the show will address any matters related to the current pandemic, Ice-T confirmed that to be the case. He added that the show would also address many other current events, including Black Lives Matter protests and issues related to the police force.


Ice-T isn't the only member of the cast who has taken to social media to share details about the upcoming season of the NBC series. Mariska Hargitay recently posted a photo on Instagram in which she can be seen getting her hair done in advance of filming. Both Hargitay and the hairdresser can be seen wearing masks in the snap. The star captioned her photo with, "It's all happening. Back in hair chair with [Cassi Hurd]. First day of shooting season 22!! Making history. So grateful to be back at work."