How 'Blue Bloods' Star Vanessa Ray Got the Part of Eddie Janko

Casting a television show can be a difficult process but one of the stars of Blue Bloods was not going to let anything get in the middle of her dream acting gig. Vanessa Ray has been playing the role of Officer Edit "Eddie" Janko on the show since Season 4 and the story behind getting cast in the beloved role will leave you speechless.

The actress first appeared don the screen in the 2003 short video, The Sparky Chronicles: The Map. She made her film debut on the film Finding Chance, in which she played in Katrina, in 2008.

The actress rose to prominence in recurring roles on shows like The Battery's Down, As the World Turns and Pretty Little Liars.

Ray recently opened up about landing the role of Eddie Janko on the CBS procedural during a chat with CBS Watch!, revealing how she was determined to land the acting job.

"I auditioned on tape and then went to meet with CBS in Los Angeles," she told the outlet. "The day I went in for my callback, the casting director got stuck in an elevator and they were like, 'Maybe we should reschedule for tomorrow.' But sometimes as an actor you're like, 'No! I'm ready right now and I don't want to come back tomorrow.'"

"I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I know today I can get this job," she added. "So, I waited on the CBS lot for two hours until the fire department got the casting director out of the elevator and then I was like,
'Ready?' And I got it!"

The cast of the beloved police drama recently celebrated a milestone, as they filmed their 200th episode — the Season 10 premiere. The cast of the Tom Selleck-led show shared several videos on social media to mark the special occasion.

The episode should be a welcomed celebration for fans, who were left disappointed by the end of Season 9 after it did not include many scenes from the anticipated wedding of Eddie and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes).


"I had no idea that I would be blessed enough to be on a show that's so well-loved and running so long," Ray said recently on The Rhode Show when talking about the success of the series. "It's a pretty cool gig to get. It's kind of like winning the lottery as an actor. I’m really grateful."

Blue Bloods will return for Season 10 on Friday, Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.