Hoda Kotb Shows off Insane Morning Alarm Schedule

Hoda Kotb posted a photo on Twitter this week showing just how early the newly promoted Today Show anchor wakes up to make it on air.

It's an ugly sight for those that aren't morning people. Kotb showed the familiar iPhone interface to the camera, where users can set various alarms for various times. Like many of us, Kotb has a few consecutive alarms to allow for a bit of snoozing, but hers aren't set at sunrise.

Kotb has alarms going off every 15 minutes, ranging from 3:15 a.m. to 4 a.m. every weekday. Most people would consider that hour "the middle of the night," but for Kotb it's apparently just enough time to get down to studio and get ready for the show.

For many Americans, Kotb and her co-hosts are on as they make breakfast and prepare to head out the door, so it makes sense that she has to be up before anyone else.

Still, Kotb posted her tweet as a challenge and Twitter did not disappoint. Responses showed alarms going off throughout the early morning hours, as early as 1:30 a.m. in some cases. Many people also sheepishly shared their clusters of alarms just a few minutes apart, showing how many times the phone has to go off before they finally get up.

Rather than posting alarms, a few people responded with photos of kids or pets, noting that they didn't even have control of when they woke up. They simply rise when they're needed.

The alarm discussion is a nice return to form for Kotb and the Today Show, after a couple of weeks of serious and disappointing news. The show has been reeling since the termination of 20-year host Matt Lauer, who has been accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace across his career.


Kotb herself mourned her colleague's departure, but now it seems she can finally get back to the kind of relatable, heart-warming stories that the show is built on.