'Hawaii Five-0' Star Katrina Law Teases 'Proper Goodbye' for Show Ahead of Series Finale

The CBS crime drama Hawaii Five-0 was already in its 10th season when Katrina Law joined the cast. When she signed on, she thought there was a 50 percent chance she'd hopped on board right as the show was set to conclude. It turned out she was right, as CBS announced that the show would conclude with its series finale on April 4.

In an interview with The New York Post on March 5, Law, who plays former Army Criminal Investigation Command staff sergeant Quinn Liu, talked about filming that emotional finale. And though she ended up being right about her hunch, she did tease that there will a "proper goodbye" by the time she show concludes next month.

After filming the finale, Law said that she was "super-emotional" about the ordeal. "There were a lot of tears, tears out of joy. We got to say our proper goodbyes."

She also mentioned that the show's remaining episodes explore some areas of Liu's private life that viewers haven't been privy to before. Specifically, her relationship with her former stepdaughter, Olivia (Siena Agudong), who's currently in a bad situation thanks to her father (Bart Johnson).

"You get to see the fierce love and devotion Quinn has for the girl," Law says. "Quinn's love for [Olivia] has been transferred to the Five-0 team and one of their own gets in trouble. You see the entire team make sure this person is safe. It's no-holds-barred."

The actress also confessed that when she was offered the role of Quinn, all she knew was "I was going to be a female fighter."

"When we booked [the job], they still didn't tell me what role it was. Everything was very secretive."

Now, with Law having to say goodbye to the show, and its on-location filming in Hawaii, Law looked back at her time in The Aloha State with great fondness.


"Moving to Hawaii was not a hard ask. It's a legit paradise," she explained. "There's beauty all around. Even the supermarket is gorgeous. The love people have for this land is awe-inspiring."

As far as the finale itself, CBS recently reworked its schedule in the wake of the NCAA canceling March Madness, which would have aired on the network. The finale was originally slated to air on April 3 in one two-hour block. However, the two-hour episode will be separated into two different hour-long slots. The first installment will air on Friday, March 27, with the second part airing April 3.