'Hannibal' Creator Bryan Fuller Teases 'Silence of the Lambs' Mini-Series With Original NBC Cast

Hannibal fans have been desperate for the canceled series to make a comeback for years, and now creator Bryan Fuller is teasing a possible Silence of the Lambs mini-series with the original cast of the NBC horror-drama. During a Hannibal cast reunion hosted by Nerdist, Fuller spoke about what the plans for a new season would be, stating it "would be very sort of sunny and sweaty, as compared to the cold harsh realities of Toronto," where they previously filmed. "I think it would be fun to go sweaty and sunny and beachy and a whole new temperature," he added.

Elaborating on the potential Silence of the Lambs-themed Season 4, Fuller said it would be "interesting" to see what happens with the show moving forward or if there could ever be a Silence of the Lambs miniseries with this cast. "The great thing about the idea — with members of the cast in terms of where we're going – is that if we are going to take five years, six years, seven years or what have you and everyone's still interested in coming back then that's just how long they've been on the lam, as it were," he said. "Then the story picks up from that point and we'll adapt."

Hannibal starred Mads Mikkelson as the high-class serial-killing cannibal title character, Hannibal Lector. Actors Hugh Dancy and Gillian Anderson also starred. Hannibal aired for three seasons on NBC and was a consistent critical hit. However, viewership numbers were not ideal, which led the network to cancel the series. Over the years, it has become somewhat of a cult classic, and fans have been urging another network or streaming service to bring the show back.


Notably, in 2019, Mikkelson commented on the chances of the show returning, saying that he thought it was a real possibility. "Yeah, I think there's always new hope," Mikkelsen told the Bloody Disgusting. "I haven't heard anything specific. I know Bryan [Fuller] is still working on some ideas where we can find a new home for this. I also have a strong feeling that everybody who was involved in it would gladly pick up the glove again if that happens." Mikkelsen clarified that he had not been given any specifics at the time, but had heard rumblings that options were being explored. "I don't know where they looked," he admitted. "That is above my paycheck, but I know they've been talking to different studios."