'Grey's Anatomy': Owen Reacts to Amelia's Pregnancy News, and Fans Have Lots to Say

One of Grey's Anatomy's baby news did not sit well with everyone! The ABC medical drama finally saw Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) revealing the news of her surprise pregnancy with Link (Chris Carmack) to her ex-husband Owen (Kevin McKidd). With the end of their marriage directly related to her hesitation to have children, the trauma surgeon's reaction to his ex's news was just what you would expect.

Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 16, Episode 7: "Papa Don't Preach"

The episode kicked off with Owen giving Teddy (Kim Raver) a heartwarming goodbye as he headed to work at Pac North, as Amelia scrambled to gather courage to pay him a visit and reveal her pregnancy news once and for all. She admitted to Meredith she was nervous of his reaction, but knew the fact that he has a daughter with Teddy, as well as his own adoptive son, could maybe lessen his reaction to the news.

Later, Amelia arrives at Pac North and finds Owen. Staying true to her character, she just blurts out the news in the middle of the hallway. Owen is stunned by the revelation, as his ex talks about wanting Leo to be in her baby's life.

They are distracted by the arrival of a trauma patient who fell down stairs to the basement at her house. Amelia volunteers to help with the case. As Amelia sits with the woman's son in the waiting room, Owen examines her and finds out she is pregnant. She asks if the baby did not survive the accident and is surprisingly disappointed when he finds a heartbeat.

Owen updates Amelia and she volunteers to talk to her. He worries if she might be able to handle the tough case given her earlier news, but she maintains she is fine talking to her.

The woman opens up to Amelia and admits she has no money to make care of two children while also working two waitressing jobs. Owen then barges in and questions if she threw herself down the stairs as a way of terminating her pregnancy. After the woman gets upset and says she just fell, Amelia tells her it's going to be O.K. and she can get an abortion if she wants during surgery.

Owen, however seems hesitant to do it. Amelia questions his decision making, which he brushes off before walking to surgery.

After the surgery, Amelia visits with the woman. One of the nurses arrives and gives her the pills used to terminate her early pregnancy. Owen gives her an angry look and confronts her as she leaves. At the stairs, Amelia says she is not sure why he is angry. She asks if it's about her pregnancy.

Owen admits he is upset that they got divorced because of her not wanting kids. He feels like she just didn't want to have them with him. While she wants to tell him that was not true, Amelia walks away.


Owen then rushes after her and apologizes for his reaction. Amelia apologizes as well for barging into his work and telling him like she did. She admits that she didn't want kids, but things changed after what they went through with Betty and Leo and it's all thanks to their relationship. They agree they will always be family no matter what.

Can Amelia, Owen and company make things work? Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.