'Grey's Anatomy': Major Character Possibly Dies in Season 15 Finale

Being stranded in the middle of their camping trip helped Grey's Anatomy's Maggie Pierce and Jackson Avery see the flaws in their relationship, but a last-second twist could make the relationship end with heartbreak.

The couple has been through quite the roller coaster of emotion during Season 15, but a long-awaited camping trip, and later being stuck in their car in the fog, might have ended their relationship with one of them facing a deadly fate.

Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 15, Episode 24 ("Drawn to the Blood") and Episode 25 ("Jump into the Fog")

Last week's episode began with Maggie (Kelly McCreary) waking up in the tent, surprised for how well-rested she felt despite sleeping in a tent. After spending most of the morning in the tent together, Jackson (Jesse Williams) suggests the pair go hiking. Maggie hesitates, but Jackson convinces her saying he wants to show her a special spot he found the last time he was there.

As they walked, Maggie admits she is trying to enjoy herself in the wilderness. The playful hike has an awkward interruption after she is stung by a bee, sparking a freakout that ended with her injuring her ankle.

After an injured Maggie received a message from Alex (Justin Chambers) about young Gus' debilitating condition, the couple decides to cut their trip short and head back to the hospital, but the looming fog makes leaving the woods impossible.

During "Jump Into the Fog," the couple walks on the trail to find a safe place after the rain goes through, but Jackson slips and falls as they bicker during the hike.

When he comes out of a creek, Maggie begins to unravel with anxiety and Jackson seems frustrated by her behavior. He admits he is annoyed by her complaining the whole time about the trip when he was just trying to be nice to her.

As they keep walking, the pair continue to discuss their differences and both say things that are true but harsh. Maggie brings up the fact that despite loving her, Jackson doesn't really like who she is.

Once they get to the car, they are forced to pull over because of the fog and they continue to bicker. Jackson leaves the car to check out their surroundings and takes some time to return. The episode ends with a somber tone as Maggie screams Jackson's name unsure if he is safe after venturing into the fog.

Maggie and Jackson have been through quite the journey this season. In the season premiere, Jackson almost proposed after the pair almost got run over by a car, but instead of answering, Maggie ran away from the conversation to go buy milk.

After the couple said "I love you" for the first time, Maggie was shocked when Jackson left town suddenly to find himself, and only telling her about his sudden trip through text. It took the couple some time to get back in the groove, but in a recent episode, Jackson decided to take the next step and ask his girlfriend to move in.

The camping trip ride came after Maggie admitted she was freaking out about the decision to move in, so Jackson suggested in last week's episode that the couple go camping together and see how they work together.


Could the show really have killed off Jackson Avery offscreen? Grey's Anatomy will return for Season 16 in fall 2019. ABC recently renewed the show for its 16th and 17th season.