'Grey's Anatomy': Kim Raver Opens up About Future of Teddy and Owen's Relationship for Upcoming Season

The Grey's Anatomy Season 15 finale saw Dr. Teddy Altman give birth to her baby with Owen Hunt, as he confessed his love for her and their love story seems to be about to start.

"Jump Into the Fog" saw Teddy (Kim Raver) go into labor and make amends with Amelia (Caterina Scrosone) before she and Owen (Kevin McKidd) welcomed their baby girl.

Owen finally told his best friend that he was in love with her and he had done the work on himself to accept happiness into his life, with all this happening as Koracick (Greg Germann) built a crib for the little girl and ate a sandwich without knowing any of this was going on back at Teddy's new house.

Raver spoke with PEOPLE about Teddy's journey from kicking Owen out of her house in Germany, to welcoming the baby at the end of Season 15, including where their relationship might be headed in Season 16.

"I love that moment when she was in Germany and she was like, 'get out!'" she said of Teddy and Owen's heartbreaking one-day fling in Season 14, that led to her pregnancy storyline in Season 15.

"That was a really transformational moment for Teddy because she's always been there for everyone else... I think Owen has a done a lot of work on himself. They're in a really great place to be in an amazing relationship now."

Teddy had started a relationship with Koracick in Season 15 while she was pregnant, but it seems the relationship might have taken a backseat after Owen's confession.

"I mean, of course they had poor Tom (Koracick) doing the baby crib and eating a sandwich, I was like, really?" She told the outlet. "You're going to have to tune in (to see where things go)."

Koracick was promoted to series regular for the upcoming 16th season, along with Chris Carmack, who plays Atticus "Link" Lincoln, and Jake Borelli, who plays Levi Schmitt. The news means the love triangle will likely play a big role in the upcoming season.

Raver also opened up to the publication about how Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes inspired her in her work as a producer and director.

"[Rhimes] tells stories from a very different perspective than many other people and I think that that is also, among many other things, but also what has made her so successful," Raver said.

"She inspired me, being able to show a flawed character, because so often I would get that thing in other shows like 'is her character likable?' You never ask a man that, and I feel like Shonda, the gift that she gives us when you're playing her character is they show that side that is not all together. And then you get this monologue that is this hero monologue and you have this moment to shine..."

Are you ready for more Teddy and Owen in Season 16? Grey's Anatomy will return with new episodes in fall 2019 on ABC.