'Grey's Anatomy' Hints at New Romance Between Amelia and Link

Amelia Shepherd seems ready to move from her tough breakup on Grey's Anatomy.

The medical drama's Season of Love has been tough for Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) so far, after Betty (Peyton Kennedy) overdose and later going back home with her biological parents. The drama led her relationship with Owen (Kevin McKidd) to implode, seemingly for the last time, after she vowed out of being a legal guardian for his son Leo.

During "And Dream of Sheep," Amelia stepped away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — and rocked a badass new haircut — to attend a conference for alternative pain relief, coincidentally running into Link (Chris Carmack).

After seeing Link at the conference, Amelia admits she has been avoiding the orthopedic surgeon ever since she broke down in front of him as Betty underwent her life-threatening surgery.

The doctors seem to hit it off after Amelia is impressed to see Link is scheduled to give a speech at the conference, but tells him she will keep avoiding him for now.

Later in the day, Amelia and Link ended up lying in a holistic meditation seminar during the conference. While at first she is uncomfortable with just lying there, Amelia decides to stay and experience the exercise, with Link grinning when he sees his co-worker awkwardly attempting to stay quiet.

After the seminar, Amelia was overwhelmed by the experience and shared a tender moment with Link in the hotel hallway.

"I had a foster kid, sort of," Amelia shared. "I tried to help her get clean... and then her parents came back and she went back with them. And I miss her. And I don't know if she'll be O.K. I don't feel done."

"You sound like a parent," Link responds. Amelia then notices Link's "chiseled" physique and the doctors have a moment, but she stops it before they kiss. The next morning, Amelia seems interested in Link's presentation and the doctors continue to flirt and let the tension rise between them.

Things took a turn during the presentation, when Link told a room full of doctors he was a teenage drug addict's "first dealer" by prescribing medicine to them, and that he would do it again.

After she walked out of the speech, Link visits Amelia in her room and attempts to explain his reasoning. After debating the issue of opiates, Link admits he was broken by the death of his patient and admitting he quit medicine after it for a year. He then said that he would be more vigilant the next time and proposed that they both work together to make seems better.

After solving their differences, at least for now, Amelia kisses Link and they proceed to hook up. Amelia, however, says that their rendezvous means nothing, though that remains to be seen.

The new potential relationship comes as Amelia prepares to be the main character in an upcoming standalone episode of Grey's Anatomy.

"I've been doing the show for a long time and just hearing what it's about fills me with nervous excitement," Scorsone previously said of the upcoming hour, revealing to TVLine that the episode will feel like its own "mini movie' not taking place at the hospital.

"It's not just, 'Let's follow Amelia to the neuro lab," she added. "It's definitely a little standalone. It's almost like a little movie on its own."


The episode will also introduce the fourth Shepherd sister, being played by The Gifted star Amy Acker.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.