'Grey's Anatomy' Gives Update on Nathan Riggs After Leaving Show

Grey's Anatomy updated fans on how former main character Nathan Riggs and Megan Hunt's relationship is going since moving away.

"The Whole Package" featured Megan Hunt's (Abigail Spencer) return to Grey Sloan Memorial hospital to help with a war veteran patient, also updating viewers on how her and Nathan's (Martin Henderson) lives have been going since moving to Los Angeles.

Near the end of the episode, Megan shares in a moment of tension that she works hard to be happy despite her traumatic history with the war and her PTSD. While she only mentioned Riggs once, she revealed that she and Nathan go to couples' therapy once a week to make sure they are communicating through their shared trauma.

Due to the severity of the medical case that brought her into town, Megan did not have much time to share updates on Nathan, or her son Farouk.

The first person to run into Megan at the beginning of the episode was Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who famously lead the surgeries that saved her life after she spent 10 years kidnapped in Iraq, later winning a Harper Avery/Catherine Fox award for her efforts.

After checking out her stomach by the coffee shop, Megan reveals her patient is facing a similar procedure, which is why they flew to Seattle.

After Megan finds out the truth about her brother Owen's (Kevin McKidd) pregnancy situation with Teddy (Kim Raver), she spent most of the time working alongside Catherine (Debbie Allen), Meredith and Jackson (Jesse Williams) on the difficult case. The case got more complicated after the doctors found out that the patient had been lying to his fiancée about his condition.

With some help from Owen, the surgery ended up coming together and was a huge success.

Fans will remember Nathan Riggs was introduced on the show shortly after Derek Shepherd's (Patrick Dempsey) death and was meant to be Meredith's new love interest. The character had a complicated history with Owen as he blamed him for the "death" of his sister in Iraq.

Meredith and Nathan found common ground as both of their big loves had died, and the pair were romantically linked for sometime. Things changed after Megan was found 10 years after being kidnapped with the severe injury that Meredith eventually fixed.


Nathan exited the series in Season 14 after he and Megan moved to Los Angeles, along with her adopted son Farouk, to start a new life.

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