'Greenleaf' Ending After Season 5

Five seasons in and Greenleaf won't be continuing on. The Oprah Winfrey Network announced that its church drama will not be renewed for a sixth season, marking the end for the Craig Wright created series. According to Deadline, the show ranks No. 1 for scripted shows on cable among black viewers. The show show 1.1 million people tune in to the series each week.

The show stars Kim Hawthorne, Lamman Rucker and Deborah Joy Winans. Along with those three, Oprah Winfrey, Lynn Whitfield, Merle Dandridge, Keith David, Desiree Ross, Lovie Simone, Tye White and Gregory Alan Williams round out the cast. Greenleaf first debuted in 2016.

According to the press release put out by OWN, the fifth series will see a dramatic conclusion in the church. "The Greenleafs attempt to maintain a united front in the face of losing their church to Bob Whitmore and Harmony and Hope Ministries," the description begins. "But secrets past and present create what could be fatal fractures in the family’s fragile foundation." In 2017, Winfrey shared her excitement over the series, expressing how much she appreciated the concept of the show. "Not melodrama, not soap, not over the top, but just you see a family sitting around a table and there's something about the connection in that family, the way that family looks, the way they respond to each other, the language they use, the nuances in their being with each other, when they're not even speaking, that you feel and see yourself."

As for the series' creator, Wright hit fame with the likes of Six Feet Under and Lost. He also was a producer and writer on Brothers and Sisters. In a feature for The Hollywood Reporter, Wright explained how the show came about with Winfrey. "We declared early on that our intention with this show was to lovingly and respectfully interrogate the black church, not to tear it down at all but to make it even better by asking tough questions," he shared. "We both had experiences where we tried to ask more questions than people wanted to answer."

The fifth season will premiere in June. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for the latest in TV and entertainment news, including premiere dates for your favorite shows, movies and more! Follow PopCulture on Twitter for the latest.