'Grand Hotel' Actor Chris Warren Talks 'High School Musical' Legacy, Upcoming Disney+ Reboot

Chris Warren has left his High School Musical days behind but remembers the franchise's legacy [...]

Chris Warren has left his High School Musical days behind but remembers the franchise's legacy fondly. The Grand Hotel actor is known for his role as the lovable Zeke in the original Disney Channel franchise which he sees as a pivotal chapter for his childhood and the beginning of his career.

As he takes over primetime on ABC with his role of Jason on the ABC drama, Warren told PopCulture.com the opportunity to play something different to what he has been known for in the past is a blessing.

The actor said he began working on the Disney cultural phenomenon when he was 15.

"I did the first movie when I was 15, and I did the third movie when I was 17, so I really was going through high school as I was doing the movies," Warren said in a phone interview on Thursday. "I didn't go to my real prom, I went to prom in High School Musical 3. It was actually, it was such a blessing to be able to grow up in that, and see something like that so close, and be a part of it."

Over 10 years later, Warren is putting his acting skills to the test on Grand Hotel, which he considers "totally out of that wheelhouse."

"I'm just so grateful that I've been able to have a career that I've been able to be a part of certain things like that," he said. "To be involved with something, those movies like that as a kid, and then this as an adult, I've just been really blessed."

With reboots and revivals of popular and beloved movies and series being announced every day, Warren said he wouldn't rule out participating in a reunion of sorts.

"I always consider everything, but I think Kenny Ortega and everyone did such a great job of wrapping up the series with the three movies that I want to make sure that we do that justice," he said of a possible revival. "I think that we wrapped it up so well that it would have to be the right opportunity at the right time."

With the announcement of a new High School Musical television series coming to Disney+ — set to focus on a new set of characters and aimed at a new generation, Warren said bringing the concept back is an exciting idea.

"It is very exciting that they're rebooting it and doing it on a streaming service, because I think it'll get a whole new wave of fans that know of High School Musical, but maybe didn't grow up during it, and can maybe a reach a whole new group of people," Warren said of the upcoming show.

The 10-episode first season will follow a group of students putting together a production of High School Musical: The Musical and will have its fair share of drama and high school theatre ups-and-downs.

Will Zeke or any other originals make their way to East High once again? It remains to be seen when the show premieres, along with a variety of other offerings when Disney+ launches Nov. 12.

Grand Hotel airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.