'Good Girls' Season 3 Getting More Episodes Added

NBC continues to find success with Good Girls, so much so that the network is expanding the upcoming season. It was announced on Wednesday that the upcoming third season would receive an additional three episodes than previously reported. The season was originally tabbed for 13 episodes.

Jumping up to 16 episodes in its third season means the show continues to grow as it opened with 10 episodes in its first season and 13 episodes in the second installment.

Fans of the show are thrilled to learn that the upcoming season will be its lengthiest yet. Rotten Tomatoes critics had nothing but praise for the second season, giving it a perfect 100 percent rating.

The show stars Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman. The series spotlights three suburban mothers from Michigan with Hendricks' and Whitman's characters being sisters. The three face everyday struggles, which leads them to pull off a heist. This eventually puts them in some unusual situations that play out throughout the series.

In an interview with Parade, Whitman shared why she thinks this show has caught on so much since it's debut.

"Obviously, the friendship and the bond but another thing we were saying is that it's just nice to see real women just being full people and not being perfect," Whitman explained. "It's nice to see women not always wearing makeup, not looking perfect when they wake up, sassing each other, doing the wrong things and making mistakes and drinking a lot. They come across very real; flaws and all."

In the same interview, Hendricks agreed with what Whitman had to say, adding on that "it's like how real friends are." She also believes the chemistry of the three characters has won over audiences.

Parade also asked the three what they believe the message of the show is. It centers around making mistakes, learning from them and following your heart.


"I think that's the only reason why people are willing to back us up," Retta said. "Our fans are willing to support us because they understand why we are doing these acts."

Good Girls debuted on Feb. 26, 2018. The second season wrapped up on May 26, 2019.