'Good Bones' Star Karen Laine Shares Adorable Photo of Her Relaxing 'Caturday'

Karen Laine may have stepped back from Two Chicks & a Hammer, the company that she runs with daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk, but fans of Good Bones are not missing out on anything. They still see Laine on the popular HGTV show, and they also get to see more updates on social media about her life and her animals. As an example, a recent post showed her enjoying a relaxing "Caturday."

The Good Bones star posted a photo on Instagram that showed a hen standing next to a grey cat. They weren't facing each other, but they were existing together in the same space. "When Maryanne (hen) and River decide sharing [Caturday] is best," Laine wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. Many fans responded and expressed excitement about how the cat didn't "try to eat" the hen.

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"Love your animal world insights!" one fan commented on Instagram. Another chimed in and said that it is great that the two animals get along. The comments continued as several people expressed excitement about the two animals coexisting and enjoying "Caturday."

When Laine announced her retirement from Two Chicks & a Hammer in the Fall of 2019, there was considerable confusion among fans of the show. Several fans thought that she would be stepping away from Good Bones and disappearing from their TV screens. When PopCulture.com spoke to Laine last year, she set the record straight.

"So it's really simple. I retired from the company, Two Chicks & a Hammer, because there comes a certain time where you need to let the next generation run things," Laine explained during the interview. "A crucial thing for a founder to know is when is it time to step back and let the kids do what the kids are going to do. It's part of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. You get to a point, and one of the things you're supposed to be doing is generativity, which is, you've created something, and now you can move on."


Laine explained during the conversation that she is spending more time working in the garden with her husband, Roger. The two take out the Harley Davidson for some rides, and they also go for floats with their kayak. Laine even said at the time that sailing was on the horizon after they got their boat unwinterized.

While Laine enjoys "Caturday" and her animals spending time together, as well as extra time with Roger, she can also prepare for another season of Good Bones. The HGTV series has already been renewed for a sixth season, which is set to air sometime in 2021. For more on Laine, Good Bones, and all things HGTV, stay tuned to PopCulture.com.