Golden Globes 2020: Tom Hanks' Face During Ricky Gervais Joke Is Cringe-Worthy to the Max

Ricky Gervais took the stage at the Golden Globes on Sunday with some controversial jokes already under his belt. Many were already questioning why he was asked to host for the fifth and final time this year and Tom Hanks managed to capture that with only a few looks during Gervais' monologue.

While there were plenty of gasps and groans during the introduction, The Office creator got the worst reaction from Tom Hanks for his jokes about Jeffrey Epstein and Felicity Huffman's time in prison.

It went on from there, with a few comments that were bleeped out for the live performance and others that just fell flat with some of the audience. Given, it is hard to shock and be funny the fifth time out. Hanks' reaction might've actually helped the monologue.

Fans certainly took to his reaction and accepted it as the meme-standard for the night.

"Tom Hanks legit just spawned a thousand memes," one fan wrote.

Hanks is on hand at the awards to accept the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement this year. He talked with PEOPLE about his career and his outlook on what is important as an actor.

"There's an undeniable power that you just have to say, 'Hey, I did work that was good enough that ended up touching people on a very personal level,'" Hanks told PEOPLE. "Because I think we all remember what we were going through — what our circumstances [were] — was it sort of like what we needed at the time when we saw films that actually made us feel better about who we are."


So Hanks is now walking away with two major titles at the Golden Globe. He's getting the prestigious lifetime achievement award and he's now crowned the first king of memes for 2020. High praise all around.

The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony airs live at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.