Golden Globes 2020: Sofia Vergara and Matt Bomer Have Teleprompter Blunder, Fans Bring the Perfect Reactions

Sofia Vergara had a memorable Golden Globes starting with her arrival on the red carpet to her [...]

Sofia Vergara had a memorable Golden Globes starting with her arrival on the red carpet to her appearance on stage alongside White Collar star Matt Bomer. While she kicked off the night making light of her breasts and the "fakery" in Hollywood, she took stage and ended up being part of one of the few blunders of the night.

The pair were on stage together to present and ended up running into each other via teleprompter. Bomer apparently took Vergara's line, leading her to point it out in the middle of the announcement.

"Is taking Sofia Vergara's line on the teleprompter a cancelable offense?" one fan wrote after the moment.

(Photo: Handout, Getty)

"My face when Sofia Vergara took Matt Bomer's line," another wrote, confusing the moment and adding in a photo of Tom Hanks during Ricky Gervais' monologue.

And while the mistake is notable, most fans seemed focused on the amount of beauty together for one segment.

"Matt Bomer and Sofia Vergara are two of the most beautiful people. It's not fair," one fan lamented on social media.

"I want to see Sofia Vergara and Matt Bomer in a reboot of 'All About Eve' STAT," another fan wrote hoping to see them work together soon.

"Okay, putting Matt Bomer and Sofia Vergara on the same stage should be ABSOLUTELY illegal!" a third added noting just how much beauty was filling the screen.

"Here are Sofia Vergara and Matt Bomer in case you didn't already feel s—tty enough about yourself," a fourth wrote, echoing the earlier statements.

"Matt Bomer and Sofia Vergara is too much beauty for one stage. It's overwhelming," a final responded.

Vergara's captured the attention of many from the moment she stepped on the red carpet with husband Joe Manganiello. During a quick chat with Ryan Seacrest, Vergara brought up her breasts being "real" and fans showed their love on social media.

"[Sofia Vergara] assuring us her boobs are real even though nothing else in #Hollywood is..." a third noted.

"Sofia Vergara joked about her boobs being fake like everything else in Hollywood. Oh mami," one more added.

As had been noted, Vergara's shapely figure has caused her to choose the way she dresses carefully. While it might seem like her strapless dresses are just being out there for sexualizing, but the truth is she's just aware of what will work with her body shape.

"She knows what works for her and nails it every time!" a fan wrote.

The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony airs live at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.