'Ghosts' Star Asher Grodman Teases 'Epic Battle' Ahead for CBS Sitcom's Season 1 (Exclusive)

Ghosts might be returning Thursday night to solve the mystery behind Woodstone estate's most recently deceased spirit now roaming the grounds pantless, but it will be another two weeks until fans of the hit CBS sitcom see its next new episode, "Attic Girl" featuring a new house ghost. Though Odessa, a teenager from the '80s who died on her prom night, is not a novel discovery to the house ghosts, she is to Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar). With the episode premiering on April 14, series star Asher Grodman — known for playing '90s Wall Street ghost Trevor Lefkowitz — revealed to PopCulture.com what fans can expect for his character and what lies ahead for the house ghosts as we enter the endgame of Season 1 with just two more episodes after tonight.

"Trevor gets away with a lot of the stuff that he says, objectifying things. He gets away with them because he is objectified and he is half-naked, so the impact is dulled," Grodman told PopCulture. "Those moments where Trevor gets thrown on his heels a little bit, I love those moments and there is one coming up. I can tell you that, and I can tell you that when we get to the finish line of the season, there will be an epic rivalry that'll bring us to an epic battle."

Keeping mum over any more details of the next episodes rounding off the debut season from the CBS freshman smash hit, Grodman has a lot to celebrate with his sitcom co-stars after getting a Season 2 renewal this past January. The surprise, which was caught on camera, was a moment of pure joy. "We were over the moon and they tricked us, those scheming CBS Executives and PR people," he laughed. "They caught us in our moment and caught that innocent moment. We're over the moon. I'm over the moon. We finished shooting in late January, so this is the first time that we're in normal life."

Likening the experience of filming the series like being away at "summer camp," Grodman says he was surprised but is equally humbled audiences were watching what they were creating all this time. "It's crazy. It's a pretty surreal thing and hearing from people who are artists who I admire, or I'm obsessed with, and they're like, 'I watch your show. I love your show!' And I'm like 'You watch my show? That's amazing.'" With Ghosts gearing up for Season 2, the single-camera comedy also has a superfan in Star Wars icon Mark Hamill, an honor the New York native doesn't take for granted.

"There's 10 of us and eight of us are in L.A. and two of us are here in New York — myself and Richie, who plays Pete. So we were making the six-hour drive back home and Richie at one point was like 'Mark Hamill is tweeting about our show.' I don't know how we didn't get into a car accident. I was like, 'What? What?'" he told PopCulture through a laugh. "Then he proceeded to individually tweet every single one of us like he was on this kindness spree or something and it was amazing."

With Ghosts Season 1 already wrapped, Grodman is currently filming the comedy Out of Order! with Brooke Shields, Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington in New York City. Taking to his Instagram to share snapshots from the shoot, Grodman wrote, "Making a movie with these lovely people. Pants on this time. I asked but…they insisted," affectionately teasing his Ghosts character, Trevor who lost his pants.

(Photo: Emily Assiran)

Sixteen episodes into the CBS single-camera sitcom, Grodman tells PopCulture getting to wear pants for his episode "Trevor's Pants" is "very funny" at this point. "To say I was taken aback by when you're not used to wearing pants, wearing pants is very empowering. You feel really good wearing pants," he said. "For me, the pants thing was a comfort because I'd never done a comedy before. So in my head, I'm like, 'All right, if I screw this up, they can just pull to a wide shot and see my bare legs. That'll be funny enough.' So there was that. But I guess there is something about, as an actor, you're taking risks and you're throwing stuff out there. You're trying things and it takes some courage. There's something about having your pants off already that you're like, 'I'm already on the deep end.' It's hard to sleepwalk through a day with your pants off."

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