'Ghost Hunters' Alum Daryl Marston Talks Interactive New Series 'Dead Live' With Co-Host Corbyn Bentley (Exclusive)

Ghost Hunters alum Daryl Marston is bringing fans a brand new interactive series, Dead Live, which will allow viewers the opportunity to virtually participate in a paranormal investigation in real-time. Marston and one of his co-hosts, Corbyn Bentley, sat down with PopCulture.com to talk about the unprecedented new show, which will debut later this summer. Detailing the new streaming series. Marston explained that it was something he and his Paranormal Warehouse partner, Mike Diamond, came up with, along with "a couple [of] producer buddies."

"We built this new type thing where we want to do an actual live investigation, interactive, with the actual viewer, "Marston continued. "It's the first-ever live paranormal interactive show. So basically what the viewer can do is they go in ahead of time and they can vote on the locations where they want us to investigate, the equipment they want us, the experiments they want us to use, and they could put us wherever they want in this particular location, wherever we're investigating. And they'll get to do that ahead of time, a few days in advance."

Regarding how viewers will be able to participate in the investigations, Marston revealed, "We actually have a website set up for them where they can go there, they can vote, they can put us where they want, and they can also live stream and live chat with us during the actual investigation. So if someone sees something we don't, they can tell our producers and our producers will tell us, hey guys, people are seeing something in room four, go check it out. So it's kind of like the first-ever interactive paranormal live show. And it's free. You can't beat that."

He added, "You don't have to go subscribe anywhere or do anything like that and pay five dollars a month or 10 dollars a month. It's free for everybody. You'll go right to our sites. You'll go right to our YouTube pages, our Facebook pages, it'll all be in the streaming service and you go and you watch it. It's all sponsor-driven."

Marston also explained that the Dead Live concept is something he feels has been possible for a long time, but it was just a matter of assembling the right team. "I think with Corbyn here we got that," Marston said. Bentley added, "I think it's perfect. I think everything about this show is going to be insane. So I'm excited about it."

While Marston is well-known for his longtime paranormal investigation career, which includes time on Ghost Hunters, Bentley will be a new face to many fans. "I pretty much started off on YouTube just exploring event spots, and as time progressed, I got more into the paranormal side of things," Bentley shared of how he got into the paranormal investigation with his Beyond Paranormal YouTube page. "So I'm like, 'Okay, I'm experiencing all these crazy different things. I want to know more, I want to have answers to my question,' so just exploring places and investigating and seeing all these different things and experiencing different things. I'm doing this forever, this is perfect for me. 

He also "gained a following" by joining TikTok, where he shares clips of his investigations. "I think people like seeing me scared," Bentley joked. "Perfect for me to be live and scared. You guys want to get that from me."

Dead Live, Marston says, will include a six-episode first season, "that's going to be launched over the next several months." He reiterated, "All live. Each investigation is live. There's no narrative. There's no way of faking anything. It's all in the moment."

The famed ghost hunter added, "With production companies — and God bless them, we love them, I work with them — a lot of times what you film months in advance, doesn't make it to TV, unfortunately, because it goes in a different direction. Here, you're getting it live, at the moment. So the viewer who's sitting on their couch at home, or who's sitting in their car, or at work, and are watching us live on their phone, or on their tablet, or even on their TV, they're seeing it in the moment. So it's like they're there and they're getting to interact with us which is really cool."

Marston continued, "They're getting to actually talk to us through a live feed and talk to our producers and there's chances to actually have conversations with us as well, during the actual show. So they could tell us what's going on, what they're seeing, and it's a good time. So people are not having to go out and spend money on the location and travel, and they're not having to go join some service for seven, eight, 10 bucks a month. They get to watch it for free on social media, on YouTube, and all these different streaming services where it's going to be running live. So it's a really good opportunity for everybody. It's fun. It's a great time."

Fans can follow Marston on Instagram to learn more about Dead Live, including being the first to learn when a premiere date is announced! Fans can also follow Bentley on Instagram. As Marston stated, the series will be available to stream at no cost to viewers. Keep it locked to PopCulture.com for more paranormal TV news!