'General Hospital' Surprise: See Sam and Jason Finally Kiss

General Hospital fans are in for a treat with this sneak peek of Friday's episode in which TV's super couple finally reunites with a New Year's kiss.

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) have a moment alone aboard a ship and end up reminiscing on old times. Cue romantic fireworks, longing gazes into each other's eyes and just the right touch of nostalgia and these two are back in each other's arms like Sam never took up with Jason's identical twin brother who assumed Jason's identity.

Of course, fans know that Jason is finally back in Port Charles after returning in the form of a hoodie wearing stranger in a Russian clinic for reconstructive surgery.

Can Sam leave behind her relationship with Jason's twin brother Andrew Cain (Billy Miller) — even after having a baby girl with him? You'll have to tune into the nutty soap opera Friday on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC