'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Spinoff Series Being Developed, Will Smith Attached

Will Smith is loving the nostalgia wave he is currently riding. Not only did he kick off his summer in Disney's live-action Aladdin remake as the new Genie, he's also ready to star in Bad Boys For Life alongside co-star Martin Lawrence.

But according to a feature on Smith in The Hollywood Reporter, he's also willing to dip his toes back in the television pond for a Fresh Prince spinoff.

According to THR, Smith's production company Westbrook Inc. is developing a follow-up to the successful NBC sitcom that gave Smith his acting start. There has been a desire to see Smith and his fellow castmates return to the series for a revival of sorts, especially with the different series of its era making comebacks on network television and streaming services.

As THR puts it, it's just one piece of his "creative rebirth" and he's using social media as his guide stick.

"It has definitely been a creative rebirth for Will," an unnamed Westbrook executive told THR. "He comes to the office and loves to see the social content people are working on. It's the closest thing to performing onstage because of the immediate feedback."

His social media presence is undeniable and it is helping to fuel these other projects. Given his royalties for Fresh Prince are "hefty" according to the feature, it isn't a surprise he is working on a way to bring it back.

Despite his recent box office flops, 2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year for the veteran. Aladdin is the mainstream juice that will keep on giving, while the Ang Lee-directed Gemini Man is set to be a positive hit thanks in part to the gimmick of having a young and old Smith running around trying to kill each other.

Where could a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sequel land? Smith already has the open door at Netflix if he really wanted to go to the streaming giant. His appearance in Bright earned the streamer a strong audience while also earning him a $27 million paycheck. He was one of the first major stars to jump from the big screen to the streamer and helped to drive in subscribers for Netflix according to a shareholder letter.


According to THR, Bright is one of the "most-viewed original titles" in Netflix's library and has a sequel in the works that should release in summer 2020.

Will we be streaming the Fresh-Princess soon enough? Or does Smith have something else in mind?