'Fire Country' Reveals What Happens to Bode After Episode 8 Cliffhanger

Fire Country Episode 8 ended on a major cliffhanger that had fans worried for Bode and desperately waiting for the show's return. Now, TV Line has shared a new clip from the Fire Country winter premiere, which reveals exactly what happened to our favorite convict firefighter in the fall finale. Please Note: Fire Country Spoilers Below.

When we last saw Bode (Max Thieriot), he'd gone against orders battalion chief Vince Leone's (Billy Burke) orders and attempted to save an unconscious driver who was inside a car that was hanging halfway off a bridge. Just as he goes to pull the person out, the car goes over the edge and into the water. In the new clip, we see that Gabriella Perez (Stephanie Arcila) dives in to save Bode, and eventually pulls him to shore after having to go under a couple of times to find him. We also see Jake Crawford (Jordan Calloway) speaking about Bode during an internal investigation, which could spell trouble in the future.

Back in October, PopCulture.com had a chance to speak with Thieriot about the freshman CBS drama, and he told us, "I think that people will see that Fire Country is different from any firefighting show on television. We're not rescue of the week. We're not fire of the week."

He went on to explain, "First of all, this department is an all-risk department. So we're not just going to be fighting wildland fires, which obviously is something that they're most known for. They respond to every call, every situation, anytime somebody picks up 911, they're there. And so we'll be showing the full scope of what firefighters do on the job. And then the big thing is this is really a serialized character drama. So it has a lot of those amazing elements that you get from whatever, it's cable or whatever shows they are, where you're really getting to invest in these characters and explore their journey."

Thieriot then added, "There's a lot of heart. There's a lot of redemption throughout the story. And also, I think visually, it looks unlike any firefighting show just because of the nature of where we're shooting. It's rural. We're seeing small town and tons of outdoor landscapes and just a huge scope. And we're not just a little department that's going to be handling car crashes and building fires every week. So it's very different." Fire Country returns Friday, Jan. 6, 2023.