'Fear the Walking Dead' Stars Jenna Elfman, Keith Carradine Tease What to Expect From New Episodes (Exclusive)

Fear the Walking Dead returns on Sunday with the second half of Season 7, and if the upcoming episodes are anything like the first eight episodes of the current season, we are going to be in for a wild ride. PopCulture.com recently caught up with Fear the Walking Dead stars Jenna Elfman and Keith Carradine, who teased what to expect from the new episodes. 

"I think that there's deep, deep character transitions for each character," Elfman exclusively told PopCulture. "Fundamental shifts that profoundly, I think, affect the story going forward in the greater whole of the Walking Dead universe. But also, big character changes that we haven't seen on certain characters in a good couple seasons, like real change."

"I second that, absolutely," Carradine told PopCulture. "That when faced with the exigencies of survival, it's going to be interesting for the fans to see what these characters will actually do just to stay alive, and how far they will compromise their own sense of right and wrong. I think I'm particularly ... I had fun in season seven, exploring [John Dorie Sr.'s] balancing act between what his instincts are in terms of the right thing to do and what his survival instincts are, and whether or not actually compromising oneself morally, ethically, is actually justified."

In the first half of Season 7, viewers saw June (Elfman) and John (Carradine) survive the nuclear attack before being recruited to join the Tower community led by Victor (Colman Domingo). While June and John are not quite sure about Victor leading a community based on his recent actions, they will stay the course and do what is asked of them for the time being. 

"Well, her prime thing always is going to be her ability to be of service and to help other people," Elfman said about June. "That's always when she feels oriented and feels most herself. Obviously, she was a nurse before the apocalypse, it's a purpose of hers. So I think that's like home base for her is being able to improve things, make people better, help. And being in the Tower, she has the resources and there are people who need it and she can be of service and feel oriented in the world. But at the same time, she's living in a toxic house with Strand and it gets progressively worse."


"Both her reconciling why she decided to be okay being there in the first place, and then seeing how progressively intoxicated with his own ego he is. And how that's affecting the survival of others, which is then going to cut across her own ability to do her job. And you get to the situation where it's like survival versus your integrity. And when your integrity is so being compromised, you don't actually know if you're really being of service, because the whole thing is filled with an aroma of just wrongness. So that's going to be something that June is really struggling with as we move forward through the back half of the season." Fear the Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC