Ellen DeGeneres' Talk Show Slot Might Be Replaced by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson may be in line for a big-time move in the daytime television circuit. Following Deux Moi mentioning a possible shakeup unfolding around Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Page Six reports that The Kelly Clarkson Show could replace The Ellen DeGeneres Show after the one year left on DeGeneres’ contract expires. The outlet noted that the reason for the talk show host potentially not being renewed for another year is a result of the backlash that come from allegations in 2020 over the workplace environment and how DeGeneres treated both employees and guests.

The show has felt the ramifications over the negative publicity and the loss of multiple executive producers over damning allegations. According to official stats, her ratings also dropped 8 percent, as Clarkson skyrocketed up the charts in the time slot afterwards. According to the publication, The Kelly Clarkson Show, which matched DeGeneres’ ratings in December, would be a popular choice to replace Ellen’s show in the 3 p.m. slot. The first American Idol winner has transitioned flawlessly from her music career into a daytime talk show host, so much so that she has already collected three Daytime Emmy awards, including one that recognized her as the best in the entertainment category.

However, the complications in this ordeal have to do with DeGeneres owning the rights to her show. If she were to exit the show on her own or be released, Telepictures, the production company behind the program, would have to get creative in maintaining the rights while not having DeGeneres. A source to Page Six suggests Telepictures is adamant about keeping the time slot as is but executives do want to “put another host in her place” assuming she leaves as she has discussed.

Clarkson debuted her own show in Sept. 2019 and quickly was recognized as one of the most popular and successful shows after just one year. Now in its second season, Clarkson has delivered more than 265 episodes. Her success was backed up by NBC executives renewing the show in December not just for one more year but for another two years, meaning she’ll be around until at least 2023 on her current deal. NBCUniversal’s Syndication Studios executive, Tracie Wilson, praised Clarkson for her work, noting that the program “brings people together” thanks to the “heart and humor” that the singer brings each day.