Doug Davidson Exits 'Young and the Restless' After 40 Years

Doug Davidson, who has spent four decades portraying Detective Paul Williams on The Young and the [...]

Doug Davidson, who has spent four decades portraying Detective Paul Williams on The Young and the Restless, says that his time is up on the long-running soap opera.

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Davidson, who earned a Daytime Emmy award for outstanding lead actor in 2013, confirmed to, who reported the news, that he would be leaving the CBS show.

"My contract was not renewed in January, I went on recurring, but just until they had new people in place," he said to the website in a statement. "I have only 2 shows that haven't aired and no dates. So, as far as I know, I am gone."

In an interview with Soap Opera News, Davidson said that aside from telling him his contract wasn't being picked up, he received "no information and no communication" from the network.

"It feels as diminishing my role was the plan all along, which is their prerogative," he said.

The 63-year-old also addressed the news on Twitter, where he expressed frustrating by sharing outraged fans' posts and claimed that the show is "doing away with history."

When one fan asked, "They haven't let you go, have they?" he responded, "It seems so."

When another fan asked if he had been fired, Davidson wrote back, "That sounds so harsh, but yes."

He thanked his fans for their support, writing, "You all are so wonderful. I so appreciate your support and kindness and love. Thanks for a fabulous career."

Davidson's biggest supporter is "Jessie's Girl" singer Rick Springfield, who linked to a petition demanding Davidson's return to the soap opera.

"[Doug Davidson] is my best friend forever and was the best actor and mainstay character on the show. An Emmy winning great human being, a truthful actor with an open heart. Another show needs to snap this giant hearted brilliant actor up!" Springfield tweeted alongside a link to the petition.

Debuting on The Young and the Restless in 1978, Davidson earned five Daytime Emmy Award nominations for his role at Detective Williams on the soap. He won the award for outstanding lead actor in a drama series in 2013.

Recently, another longtime star of the soap, Eileen Davidson, announced her own exit from the show. She confirmed the news on Twitter in June, calling the show her "second home." Eileen Davidson, 59, played the role of Ashley Abbott since 1982, with a few interruptions lasting a couple of years each.

"Yes I am leaving my second home [The Young and the Restless] in September," Eileen Davidson tweeted at the time. "I've been so blessed to be able to play Ashley Abbott and work with the amazing people on the show and have nothing but gratitude and love for all!!! Time for a little more control over my day to day!"

Eileen Davidson earned four Daytime Emmy Awards for her work.