Dee Snider's Wife and Daughter Turn Heads During 'Celebrity Family Feud' Appearance

All eyes were on Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider's wife and daughter during their Sunday night Celebrity Family Feud appearance. Taking the stage to face off against "The Bradshaw Bunch" – NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw and his wife and their three daughters – Snider played the belove game alongside his daughter, Cheyenne "Shy" Snider and his wife, Suzette Snider, both of whom equally made waves with their on-screen appearances.

Taking part in the long-running game show a little more than a year she got stuck in Peru amid coronavirus-related border closures, Cheyenne turned heads with her heavily tattooed and pierced appearance. Cheyenne is a New York fashion designer who specializes in S&M-esque clothing and bags, a style similar to the one she donned for her Celebrity Family Feud appearance. Her mother, Suzette, also captured plenty of attention. Suzette, who has been married to Snider since 1981, rocked her appearance in a pair of thigh-high black leather platform boots that featured studded crosses. Back in April, Suzette revealed her husband got her the jaw-dropping boots for their 45th anniversary. She paired the boots with a black leather jacket.

While fans only just got to watch Snider and his family give their best shot at Celebrity Family Feud, they actually filmed their appearance back in April, according to Suzette's post. Just ahead of their episode, Snider opened up about their time on the show when speaking on bandmate Mark "The Animal" Mendoza's Facebook Live show 22 Now.

"My family and I — the whole Snider Growing Up Twisted clan — are on Celebrity Family Feud. We went up against Terry Bradshaw and his family. And I will just say we kicked a– and we represented," he said, adding that he and his family were initially conflicted on how seriously to take the game show. "We were kind of debating, do we go in and treat it like it's a joke — you know what I mean? Just like a big goof out of it — or do we take it seriously? They expect us to be a joke. So we wanted to go in there and go for the gold. So I can't say how it went other than to say we kicked ass. That I can say."


And go for the gold they did. Snider and his family ended up winning $25,000 on the game show for the Coalition of Homeless Veterans. In a tweet following Sunday night's episode, Snider wrote, "the fact that veterans are living on the streets is tragic. They should be supported and honored, not homeless!" Fans can tune into new episodes of Celebrity Family Feud on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.