'Deadwood' Actress Molly Parker Says It Was 'Gratifying' to Give Series a 'Conclusion' With New Movie

Deadwood actress Molly Parker recently spoke about the series' new sequel film on HBO, revealing how it was "gratifying" to give the show a "conclusion."

While speaking to PopCulture.com, Parker opened up about how much the series meant to her, saying, "Deadwood [was] such a special and formative time for me."

"It was the first real TV show that I ever did, and yet it was TV unlike anything that I had done before," she said. "I feel that on a personal level it was really gratifying to be able to sort of go back and give it a kind of conclusion, or ending that it deserved."

Parker also adds that "it's very rare that in life any of us get to go back to a time in our life" where "we're with the same people, in the same situation, doing the same thing, and kind of revisiting all that," with regards to filming for the new movie.

"It really, truly left me with this sense that life is very, very short," she said. "That's what I felt. It was like, 'wow.' Not just because we had aged, but because these sort of eras of our life just go by, and suddenly you're like, 'Wow, it's 15 years later.' It's 15 years from when we started doing Deadwood. And that's a huge."

These days, Parker stars as Maureen Robinson on Netflix's Lost in Space reboot with the series about to head into its second season.

During her conversation with PopCulture.com, Parker spoke a little about what fans can expect from Season 2 of the sci-fi series, saying that she believes it "is spectacular."

"I mean it really, truly, I'm so pleased with it on every level," she stated. "I think this season is deeper and richer and just...it really is going to be very good I think."

Parker also praised the format style of the show, saying that the unique "form of story-telling" allows them to roll "out slowly in a way" for "the characters [to] develop over a long period of time." She enjoys this both "as a viewer and...as a performer."

Notably, Parker was shooting Season 2 of Lost in Space at the same time she was shooting the Deadwood movie, which was a juxtaposition in eras that did not go unnoticed by the Emmy-nominated actress.

"It was really an incredible month-and-a-half. Kind of going from space suits and then jumping into corsets," she quipped.


The Deadwood movie, as well as all three seasons of the series, are available for HBO subscribers to watch on the HBO Now or HBO Go apps.

Lost in Space Season 1 is out now on Blu-ray and digital at major retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and iTunes. It is also streaming on Netflix.